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Apr 28, 2008 01:13 PM

Reasonably priced, kosher friendly fish? (NYC)

Obviously, everything in NYC is more expensive (especially in Manhattan), but coming from out of town originally, the sticker shock on fish is especially painful. Are there any stores, either kosher or willing to use my knife and cutting board, that sell fish for a reasonable, or at least more reasonable price? I'd love to be able to make something besides farm salmon and tilapia, but starting at $10/lb for fillets of that and going up from there puts a crimp into the whole serving fish thing.

Note- Manhattan and/or Riverdale locations are preferable, but if it's in Queens or Brooklyn, then, well, it's in Queens or Brooklyn.

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  1. Fairway? 125th and the west side or 74th and Broadway?

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      Been there. Still seeing $10/lb salmon and more for everything else, and just as importantly, none of it ever seems to be on sale at these two stores.

    2. Have you tried to go to China town? (I don't live in NY anymore, we just moved) but as long as you know that the fish is kosher then you can just go to any little fish store that has a larger variety of fish. For example I used to get blue fish for about 2.99 a pound. I recently called the OU to fined out if Texas bass (or something like that) was kosher and they just told me that if you can easily scrape off the scales + it has fins it's a kosher fish. (call the kosher hot line to double check) Also Trader Joes also has some frozen fish fillets that are a bit cheaper than $10 a pound.