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Apr 28, 2008 12:59 PM

Threadgill's in South Austin

As of today, I've lunched at Threadgill's at least half a dozen times. And each time, I'm disappointed. The people who take me there seem happy as clams. The place is usually packed. Is there something wrong with me? I think there is a severe problem in the kitchen. It takes along time for my food to get to me after I've ordered it; and it usually comes out luke warm to cold. The menu looks great but the food is somehow bland or oddly prepared. For instance, today I had black eyed peas that were more sweet than salty. I love the decor and the vibe. The wait staff is nice enough. What's up with the food? I'm from the south, and love southern cuisine, can someone suggest someplace better? It would be great if it was in the same area.

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  1. I think Freddy's is much better for southern style food. Plus they have great outdoor seating.

    1. bad luck maybe? I've found the food there to have gotten better in the last 6 months or so. the north store especially. and the vegetables are usually very consistent, at least in my experience there.

      1. To me, Thredgill's is a lot like an upscale Luby's. Firstly, because it's a central Texas icon and continues much because of this. Secondly, it's the "warm fuzzy" effect. People like it because it revitalizes warm memories through its food. I admit, once in a blue moon I crave the veggie platter. I know the "veggies" are faaaar from being great food and they've buttered/cheesed/cooked any healthiness or vitamin content out of it, but it feels good to have once in a while. btw, husband HATES the place.

        Agreed, Freddie's is my current fav for chicken fried chicken and spinich casserole.

        1. I ate pretty regularly at the original several years ago and I almost always enjoyed it. I agree, though - recent trips to both locations have been below average.

          Other options include Hoover's on Manor, Arkie's Grill on E. Cesar Chavez, Gene's on E. 11th, and Nubian Queen Lola's on Rosewood.

          1. It's not just you. Two days ago I got the bronzed chicken, which I thought was adequately seasoned but I didn't like the meat's consistency/texture(?). For some reason I kept feeling a burst of liquid in my mouth every time I chewed, but it was not flavorful or savory by any means. The mashed potatoes were bland, bland, bland, as was the cream gravy--heavy salt and pepper needed. Although the collard greens had a great spicy kick to them, they were a little too stiff.

            The lemonade was pretty good (very sweet) and had lots of pulp (yum!) I'd like to comment on the strawberry rhubarb pie I paid for, but it never made it into the to-go bag with the rest of my meal.

            I'll venture to say I prefer Luby's, especially since it's cheaper.