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Apr 28, 2008 12:30 PM

what restaurants offer free birthday stuff that's worth it?

what restaurants offer free birthday stuff that's worth it?
(anywhere in the DC metro area)

not free apetizers or free drinks.... or worse, a free birthday song by the waiters... :)

thanks! :)

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  1. Not appetizers or drinks? Restaurants still seem to be giving out candles, & whether or not you sing is your perogative, but I think the birthday freebies were gone with the 1980's

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      Famous Dave's offers a big bowl of ice cream, with or without a sparkler, with or without the singing waitstaff (but you have to ask). In fact, last time we were there, the waiter said we could have our choice of desserts. This was the waiter's first birthday since he started there, and we felt bad about not offering him the opportunity to sing, but I think he was actually relieved. ;)

    2. Many restaurants nowadays will give you your entree free--provided you've signed up for their e-mail list.

      If you have a favorite place, just visit their website. If they ask for your birthday when you register, chances are you'll get an e-mail around that time offering something more than dessert for your birthday.

      Note that this also means getting bombarded with special offers the other 51 weeks of the year. Austin Grill comes to mind.

      1. bottom line (on I near Farragut West) offers free lunch on your birthday. I don't think it is considered to be anything beyond a bar/restaurant/happy hour spot but you can't beat free lunch :)

        1. When I went to Eve for my anniversary they gave us a free gift at the end of the meal (a home made scone mixture). A man at the table next to us was celebrating his 60th birthday and got another free gift.

          Years ago I went Kinkead's for my birthday and they gave me a free Kinkead's mug with candy or something in it.

          If you register at Maggie Moos (not my favorite ice cream but still) they email you a free ice cream cone certificate on your bday.

          And California Tortilla gives you something free (perhaps a burrito or taco) on your have to show up on the actual day though.

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            I got a free dessert at the Morton's in Bethesda by telling them in advance via Open Table about the birthday. Of course, places like this are likely birthday celebration places.

          2. Didn't The Palm used to do a 3-lb birthday lobster? You had to be a member of their 837 club which costs $25 but comes with a $25 gift certificate.