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Apr 28, 2008 12:28 PM

dinner w/mom near Century City

Seems like I'm at a loss for restaurant choices every time one or both of my parents come to town . . . looking for some place to take my mother for an early Mother's Day dinner next Wednesday. She'll be in town for a conference, staying at the Century Plaza (or whatever it's called these days). Since she will have just flown in from the east coast that day, I'd like to keep it relatively low key and casual, but still some place kind of nice where we can carry on a conversation without screaming across table at each other (and where I can make a reservation rather than waiting around for a table), and within about a 10 minute drive of Century City. Foodwise, I don't eat seafood of any sort, and she doesn't eat red meat or anything extremely spicy, so good options are usually Italian, any Asian other than sushi, California cuisine (whatever that means these days) - any suggestions?

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  1. If your mom likes East coast style red sauce Italian then Carmine's II would be a good choice. Just 2 or 3 minutes west of the Century City Mall on the north side of Santa Monica Blvd.

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      carmine's can be hit or miss.
      i was there two weeks ago. my dining partner's sausage came COLD. he sent it back and it came back warm, but with the consistency of an old leather shoe.
      the red sauce on my squid was so-so.
      the bread was ok.

    2. I always like La Cachette. Quiet, French, consistent quality, and the menu is varied enough that you'll both be happy.

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        1. How about Craft? It's walking distance from the Century Plaza, quiet (agents need to keep their confidential conversations w/ clients quiet), and you can make a reservation.

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            I would second Craft. It's quiet enough for conversation, classy, and the menu is large enough with plenty of choices.

          2. Upstairs 2 might be a nice option.

            Il Pastaio in BH for Italian, or in Brentwood, Pecorino or Palmeri would be nice Italian options.

            for Japanese in BH, try Mako.

            if you want very simple, in Westwood, Napa Valley Grille or Gardens on Glendon.

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              Upstairs 2 and Mako both sound like interesting options. I know I put Italian on my list of cusines, but that's one thing she can get really good versions of at home (Rhode Island) so I'm inclined to branch out with something a little different.

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                I had dinner at Mako over the weekend and highly recommend it. It's about 5 minutes away from Century City and fabulous.