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Apr 28, 2008 12:26 PM

Organic Dim Sum

Hey, I posted something on Friday but I don't know if it worked out.
Anyways, I work for a reality TV show and we are trying to "go green" and be healthy. We are in need of organic dim sum for one of our shows. Can anyone help me out? Is there any place in this city that serves Organic dim sum? (I know its an odd request).

Thanks for the help!

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  1. You must be kidding. Finding an Chinese restaurant serving organic foods would be tough. Finding organic dim sum would be even more more difficult. I don't think such a place exists. Certainly none of the best dim sum places are organic.

    1. Can you tell me what the specifics are you're looking for that is defined as "organic" dimsum" because I agree with raytamsqv and I've been eating dim sum from Hong Kong to all over the US cities and I have never come across organic dumsum.

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        Hey rinkatink,

        I think Morgan is adhering to the commonly-used term in the U.S. for "Organic" (seen in produce, meats, etc.), which is "No Pesticides / Hormones, etc." To quote

        "Organic Foods - The production of organic foods does not use pesticides or synthetic (or sewage-based) fertilizers for plant materials and hormones and antibiotics for animals, does not allow genetic engineering or the use of radiation, and emphasizes the utilization of renewable resources as well as conservation of land and water."

        And Morganmic, to everyone's replies so far, agreed: I don't think you'll find authentic Chinese Dim Sum in So Cal that's 100% Organic. Trying to convince the cooks and management at any major Chinese restaurant in the SGV to use organic meats, vegetables, sauces, oils, etc., is probably not going to happen anytime soon (sadly).

      2. Very little organic Chinese food in Los Angeles. A couple of years ago an organic Chinese restaurant opened up on Valley Blvd. in San Gabriel. I went in and they said they were going to open in a couple of days and to come back then. I came back about a month later and they were already out of business. There is sort of an organic Chinese restaurant in San Dimas, Veggie & Tea House. I say sort of because some of their dishes are Chinese and some of them are organic, and they sometimes advertise in the Chinese language press. No organic dim sum, though.

        1. You jest, right?

          What's the title of your reality TV show? "The Unicorn Tales: Eating Mythical Things"?

          1. Only if by "organic," you mean "containing carbon molecules."