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Apr 28, 2008 12:11 PM

Monday night group dinner in Toronto

I'm looking for a restaurant that can accommodate a group of about 15 people for dinner. Here's the criteria I'm dealing with:

1) spacious - no one likes eating on top of the people at the next table
2) extensive menu - not interested in prix fixe
3) vegetarian options - there's also a vegan in the group so some vegan options would be a bonus!
4) accessible/close to a subway station/parking - most people will be using the TTC, but there will be some cars as well
5) open Monday nights!! - a lot of places I've found are closed

I'm considering Baton Rouge at the Eaton Centre BUT it's not very vegetarian/vegan friendly. =(

Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. ...and 6) separate bills! - one bill for 15 people is a headache

    1. have noob written all over me.

      Affordability is also important. It's mostly a student (20 something) group so entrees between $10-$25.

      1. Baton Rouge would probably exceed your price point, and to be honest, it's disappointing.

        1. Not sure about your neighbourhood requirements....How about somewhere like:
          Any of the Terroni locations?
          Spadina Garden (Bay and Dundas) for Chinese?
          Insomnia at Bloor and Bathurst.

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          1. re: Julie McCoy

            I just recently visited Insomnia and really enjoyed my meal. It was a Friday night so the place was loud and VERY busy. I guess this wouldn't be as much of a concern on a Monday... Apparently they have a back section that might be able to accommodate a big group but I didn't notice it when I was there. Can anyone comment on it? Is it appropriate for dinner or just drinks?

            As for has a menu that would cater well to this group except for the note about no modifications...which, from what I hear, they're very strict about. But I can give them a call to check if making a vegetarian dish, vegan is still considered a no-no.

            Thanks for the suggestions!

          2. I'd avoid Baton Rouge.

            I'm drawing a bit of a blank as to alternate selections, but what about Grano at Yonge & Eg/Davisville? It meets most of your criteria, though I think your vegan friend would have to order a veggie pasta, hold the cheese. Another great choice (even better, probably) would be Beer Bistro, if you can get a reservation for such a big group. Again, not a tonne of vegan options, but I recently had their (vegan-friendly) salad and it was terrific; would make a nice meal if paired up with, eg. the dips and flatbreads or the frites (mmm...).

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            1. re: torontofoodiegirl

              Thanks! Both of those places are on my list of restaurants to visit oddly enough.
              With such a large group though, I find that it's best to stick with easily recognizable dishes...sometimes it makes for a bland-ish dining experience...but alas.

              1. re: clarasev

                If you're looking for a "safe" option in the vicinity of the Eaton Centre, I'd opt for City Grill over Baton Rouge. It's certainly not a culinary adventure, but it's quite decent.


                1. re: torontofoodiegirl

                  There really isn't a neighbourhood long as it's accessible on the subway and parking isn't $20+!