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Apr 28, 2008 12:10 PM

Teresa's - Westfield, NJ

Went to Teresa's on Friday night.

To start off, service was "attractive", but the bread, was absolutely horrible. Inedible. Not a good start to a meal I'm thinking. "If they can't get the bread right....."

I ordered the polenta for app. to split with my girlfriend. She normally doesn't like polenta, but this was very good! Loved it.

For main, I had the Gemelli with Sweet Fennel Sausage and she had I think the special, something with rigatoni. Both very good. Great portions and adequately priced.

For dessert, we shared a profiterole and it certainly was sitting in the fridge way too long, and not heated/thawed before serving...not a good dessert.

Overall, I'd probably go back, but although the service was "attractive", it was really lacking. I'm not sure why some people think if they hire attractive help, that people are going to overlook the lack of service. They weren't busy at all, and I believe we saw our waitress twice.

Food, overall, was good, not great, but very good with the exception of the bread....and the dessert.....

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  1. The last time I was at Teressa's was probably 5 years ago, and I agree with your assesment that most everything there is good, but does it stand out, no. Unfprtunately for Westfield, I don't think that there are any outstanding restaurants, nothing to act as a destination. While the bank building on the corner of Elm an North was available for all of those years, we thought what a wonderful location for a N.J. outpost of one of N.Y's great chefs, but the only restaurant we heard about possibly going in there was a Wolfgang Puck business that's also found at airports. What a pity.

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      That deal fell through. It's a bank again if I remember correctly? I haven't paid enough attention but it has something in it.

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        With all that Westfield has going for it, i.e. great location, great shopping district, train, it still shocks me that the dining scene is so lacking. Don't get me wrong, I think they have some good, solid places but nothing that makes you say "Wow, I couldn't get this anywhere else". The one exceptional place is Chez Catherine. If I were to move I would still make the trip to eat there, it's fantastic.

      2. Ate at Teresa's multiple times, was never disappointed. It's a fine place for a good meal, but certainly didn't expect haute cuisine, so was more than satisfied.

        Profiterole is silly to order at such a restaurant - it's a hard dish to pull off.

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        1. re: potter

          Profiterole I don't think is a hard dish to pull off, I consider myself a culinary retard, and it's usually my default "go to" dessert if I'm having people over.

          Mine would have been OK, if it didn't taste like it just came out of the fridge and had been made 3 days before. It's not hard to make, and either let them sit at room temp and when the order comes up, throw under the salamander for 5 minutes....

          either I'm getting to be a better cook, or something. and the bread was inedible as well.

          I'll check out Chez Catherine as some foodie friends keep raving about it as well.

          1. re: RPMcMurphy

            Chez Catherine has good food, but the owner/waiter was a total ass. Wont be going back there again.

            1. re: J1Scarlett

              Please elaborate. Didier has always been nothing but gracious with us.