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Apr 28, 2008 12:03 PM

Thai food in and around Cupertino?


I'll be in Cupertino/San Jose in a couple of weeks for work, and would love to find a really good Thai place to eat at. Something closer to authentic Mom 'n Pop Thai home cooking would be much better than some glitzy, pretentious "fusion" kinda place. I've spent a lot of time in Thailand, and have little patience for so-so attempts. Coming from Montreal, I just KNOW you guys have some hidden gems.

In fact, if you know of any good Malaysian/Indonesian joints too, I'll be eternally grateful.
Have car, will travel.

Fill me in...please!


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      1. hey bomo,

        hit your posting on a fluke google blog search and registered just so i could answer the question ...

        the SF bay area has 6,000,000 people, of which over 30% are some form of asian. you'll find a myriad of great asian food out here. the best thai in the immediate area is, as one post suggested, krung thai (essentially it's 280 & winchester). i like the "new" one (nearby to there), my foodie friend likes the old one.

        malaysian is harder to find (but not impossible). there's a good one in campbell (can't remember the same this second), and probably the best one in america in san francisco (< 100 km to the north -- i also can't remember the name).

        the sushi out here is of a standard that the japanese organize sushi tours to the bay area from japan -- the preparation expertise is as good, and the fish is better (remembering what the water in tokyo bay is like).

        you'll love it here,

        1. Thai Pepper in Sunnyvale has good Thai food and good portions too. I only go there for lunch so I can't comment on the dinner menu, but hopefully it is the same quality if not better.
          103 E Fremont Ave
          Sunnyvale, CA 94087
          (408) 739-7717

          1. Krung Thai is probably the best one in the area. They have two locations and we like
            the old location better. Just be careful when you ask for extra spicy - they have often
            made the food so spicy that my taste buds took an hour to recover.

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              Thanks you guys.
              Seems like Krung Thai is the almost unanimous winner in this category. We'll definitely have to give it a try. Extra spicy is good.