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Apr 28, 2008 11:49 AM

Basque Cuisine

Hi All...are there any restaurants that specialize in or at least serve a few dishes from the Basque region?

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  1. Pain Perdu on St Clair has a lot of Basque emphasis, including a big Basque flag draped above the cash.

    In terms of food, I know they sell gateaux Basque, not sure what else. Here's the full menu:

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      Pain Perdu was the first that came to my mind too. Their g√Ęteau Basque is delightful!

    2. I know it isn't Toronto, but the Roger Dufau owner of the Drew House B&B in Elora is from the Basque region and is quite an accomplished chef. I know that he does occassionally offer dinners and cooking lessons. The food when were there just for breakfast was incredible!