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Apr 28, 2008 11:40 AM

Senegalese/West African near Brooklyn Flea/BBG?

I saw a couple of other posts about the Brooklyn Flea, but I'm specifically looking for Senegalese / West African recommendations within walking distance (10 blocks radius). My boyfriend was "stationed" in Guinea and Senegal as a Peace Corp Volunteer, and since he lives upstate, this may be our only crack at good eats.

These are listed on menupages, but I'm hoping for some 'hound insight:

A Bistro
Dakar Restaurant
Joloff Restaurant
Korhogo 126
Kush Cafe
Madiba Restaurant

I will be attending the Flea and BBG on Saturday, and ideally I'm looking for an inexpensive to moderate lunch in a casual cafe setting. Bonus points for outdoor space and lunch items, not just brunch as we will be travelling from Philly and will have eaten breakfast already :).

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  1. Dakar is fabulous but I'm not sure if they serve lunch. Check out their website for times. If you go, try the Le Dakar, a mango and apple tart on a thin, really buttery crust. It's great.

    1. Slightly off topic, but isn't the Flea on Sundays only?

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        Oh gosh, you're right! No Flea for me, but I'm still looking for good chow....especially if we're walking from BBG vicinity.Thanks for the head's up.

      2. I assume by BBG you mean Brooklyn Botanical Garden. Not Sengalese, but the Ghanaian restaurant, Meytex, is walking distance and is fabulous.

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          A Bistro is one of my favorite places. It's French-Senegalese and BYOB. I always order the same thing -- the burger with the Senegalese salsa -- it comes with a onions, olives, chilies, and red palm oil sauce and is one of my top 5 favorite burgers in the city. They serve it with a mixed green salad and fries with chopped garlic and parsley. I've had the other dishes and I like them, but I love that burger. Only problem is, it sometimes takes a LONG time to get your food -- the kitchen is tiny.

        2. Joloff (Senegalese) is great! I went without big expectations because it was so cheap and the website does not do it justice. But: it's cute as anything inside, the staff is nice, the clientele was cool and varied, and the food was really good. Bright fresh flavours and huge portions. I had the chicken with okra & tomato sauce, others had the chicken mafe and the lamb chops with lemon sauce, and everybody was really pleased. This place deserves more love. Only flaw was that the service was slow, but for a relaxed dinner with friends, it's terrific. The weird juices (baobab anyone??) are a bonus. No liquor license but you can BYOB.

          1. abistro is ridiculously good. my best kept secret, oops.

            I've been to madiba. I'm not an expert at the cuisine, and maybe I just liked abistro so much b/c it was french influenced, but I liked but was not even close to as impressed at madiba than I was for abistro.