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Apr 28, 2008 11:28 AM

Rome Restaurant line-up

Here are my restaurants so far for our June Rome trip - we will have our 13 year old boy/girl twins with us, my daughter is pretty sophisticated food wise.

Dinner reservations so far:

Armanda al Pantheon
Al Ceppo
Colline Emiliane (this one is pending, I have Amex concierge working on it)

Lunches so far:

La Piazzetta

We could do pizza one night at Da Baffeta, unless someone has a better suggestion. Is Trattoria Monti a must? Need a light lunch on a Tuesday (which is the night we will go to Colline Emiliane).

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  1. I don't know Gina, but the rest are fine. Amex concierge seems like overkill for Colline Emiliane, which, if already booked for June, is probably ruined. Just pick up the phone and call them yourself. For a light lunch, just go to a bar or a pizza al taglio.

    Monti is very good, but not a must. Nothing is a must. I gave up on Baffetto 25 years ago -- uncomfortable seats and odious people and I refuse to wait in line for pizza.

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      Maureen, thank you, I was hoping that you would reply. GiNa is located in the Spagna area, it looks like a great sandwich/salad/light entree type of place, and we may take our food to go and picnic in the Villa Borghese.

      What pizza is worthwhile? I am looking for real Roman, thin crust pizza.

      1. re: pkdof

        here's a link with some pizza recommendations

        if you search this Board and International you will find several more suggestions. remember most pizzerie other than the places that sell by weight are not open for lunch.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Thank you, Jen. That's a very helpful link.

        2. re: pkdof

          Jen's link gives a good list, of which Ai Marmi, Nuovo Mondo, Remo, and Berninetta are the ones I've been to and think are very good. I like our local pizzeria the best, but I'm going to stop posting about it because people will start e-mailing for reservations, and then where will we be? ;-)

          1. re: pkdof

            I'm a big fan of GiNa (full disclosure: the founder/co-owner is a childhood friend). It is just as you describe - just off pzza di Spagna on via San Sebastianello, with excellent salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes. It's just right for a light lunch if you are in the neighborhood, and they offer nice picnic baskets with proper plates and glasses and utensils to take into the park if you like. It is slightly below street level, but has a light and modern feel.

            In the same neighborhood, just down the street in fact, you can get a more traditional Roman lunch at the Fiaschetteria Beltrame (via della Croce).

            1. re: Jeremy M

              OK I will try Gina at the next opportunity, but the last time I dragged Franco to Beltrame he nearly divorced me, and we weren't even married yet.