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Apr 28, 2008 11:17 AM

Best Prime Rib around Seattle

I have still not been to The Met or El Gaucho. The only steak house I have been to around town is Daniels. The prime rib was excellent. 9/10, but most of these really specialize in other cuts of mee, rather than rib per se. My best prime rib, which is now just an emotional perfection, was from a Chart House in Newport, RI some 20 years ago.

I can't drop $120 on dinner for myself, let alone double with my wife, on a regular basis. ;-) However, I am really after some excellent Prime Rib, and I need some serious recommendations. Of course, I understand that bumping a 9 to a 10 is really more emotional than anthying else. The ambiance, who you are with, etc... But I really want as close to perfection as possible.

Any recommendations for the perfect piece of rib? I would love to hear from you.

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  1. For places with more down-to-earth prices, try the Melrose Grill in Renton or Barnaby's in Tukwila. I've also heard good things about Jimmy Mac's in Renton.

    Granted - I haven't been to either in years, so someone's bound to come and tell me that these places are terrible. :-)

    1. It's been a while but the best one I have had was the Blackened Prime Rib at the Metropolitan Grill.

      1. Sure you can get great prime rib at the Met or El Gaucho but I bet you can cook equally good prime rib at your own home if you don't want to spend big bucks. Same goes for steaks IMO.

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          along the same lines, for a quick fix, try the prime rib or prime rib sandwich at the deli counter at the Metropolitan Market in W's somewhat the luck of the draw whether the piece they cut you is to your tastes in terms of fattiness or rareness (depends on time of day etc) but worth checking out

        2. If you're up for a drive, the best prime rib I've had in Washington (especially for the money) was at Arnold's Country Inn in Yelm. I wouldn't have guessed it, but my bf got a gift certificate for xmas from his boss and we made the trek out there...and were very happy we did. Not much for atmosphere (come's Yelm!) but charming. Food was excellent and reasonable - entrees come with soup/salad, veg and starch. Prime rib was perfect.

          1. I wanted to let you know, I think the best is at Palisades at the Elliott Bay Marina (just below Magnolia). Reservations are required, and if you haven't been there, they absolutely have the best prime rib. The views are gorgeous, and they always do nice things for special occasions. Also 2 other places on the Eastside where we go is DC Grills in Sammamish (GREAT food), and also Becks Steak House in Redmond. It is a very small white linen restaurant, that doesn't look the best outside...but it's the BEST for Filet Mignon, and Peppered Steak. The prices are about $40-50 per meal, and they include (salad or soup), vegetables and a potato side too...! I recommend their potato pancakes with the dinner...a little sour cream on top...and it tops off the dinner. We go there all the time, and just LOVE it!!! Service is wonderful too...!