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Apr 28, 2008 11:03 AM

Any decent lunch places in Yuma?

Making a trip to Tucson from San Diego later this week. We usually stop in Yuma for lunch. We haven't found anything decent - yet.

We don't mind driving a little bit off the freeway as long as the food is worth it... although we like to skip the mall exit (too much traffic).

Any suggestions are more than welcome! Thanks.

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  1. google the phrase ed in yuma he contributes to a blog mmm yoso

    1. Actually, I'm ed from Yuma - though not born here.

      Best food in town is Los Manjares de Pepe,

      But it is a few miles from the freeway. One can exit 16th (mall exit) turn left and go to Ave A, then right to 8th, then left and a half mile further out (but not to Ave B), there it is. Not as much traffic in town this time of year.You can also exit on Giss Parkway and drive into town. It becomes 3rd St.

      Also Juanita's taco truck on 8th is good, as is the truck outside David's market on Ave B between 1st and 3rd.

      You can also look over other Yuma posts at the blog or search the board here. One note, the Salvadoran place was closed the last time I wanted to eat there :-(


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      1. re: Ed Dibble

        Thanks Ed, we've actually been to Los Manjares de Pepe a couple of times (on your recommendation!)...

        Just looking for other alternatives. I'll check out the blog.