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Apr 28, 2008 10:48 AM

Fine Dining at the Bar

I will be in NOLA for a few nights, probably alone for dinner. Where can I sit at the bar and get a fine dinner? Any kind of food at any price. Thanks

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  1. When I am in New Orleans alone, I have had good luck at:
    NOLA, Cochon and Emeril's for higher-end dining and kitchen action at the chef's counter
    Coops for delicious, reasonably priced local food in a colorful bar scene
    Irene's -- not a bar, but there are corner tables that are perfect for solo dining
    As a single woman, I always felt comfortable dining alone -- someone would always be willing to chat and, at the chef's counter, you get little freebies from the cooks.

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    1. re: AmyMad

      Agree with the Emeril's restaurants and Cochon. I think MiLa also has a bar that serves food. What about sushi bars? We have a lot of good sushi in New Orleans; my favorite is Kyoto but I think Horinoya has the best rep. Not "fine" dining but Port O'Call has a bar and higly coveted burgers -- there can be a long wait though.

      1. re: Adrienne

        Thank you both for your suggestions. I'm not going for a couple of weeks, so I figure I will check up on this board once in a while. Chow On!

    2. Delmonico's, Herbsaint, Cochon, MiLA, and Rio Mar are a few that come to mind. Maybe Iris I know they have a small bar, I am not sure if you can sit at it, worth a check into, they have great cocktails.

      1. You may be able to eat at the bar at Stella as well

          1. re: mrsfury

            right on.....good god the size of the order of sweet breads....

            1. re: cheesegrater

              Dude. Sweetbreads are very high on my list, and I loved that they were grilled rather than fried, but there was just too much! There must have been two pounds of the things! That plate has got to be one of the best bargains in town at around $16, IIRC.

          2. in the last month I have had 2 great dinners at the new bar @ Riomar...if the spanish style BBQ shrimp is a special I would definately get them - top notch lately

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            1. re: chef4hire

              My RioMar faves:

              Cheese plate with quince paste
              Tuna empanada (love love love)
              Panamanian ceviche
              Spanish muffaletta
              Arroz con mariscos

              I never had the bbq shrimp but I must try it.

              1. re: mrsfury

                I know it sounds like the wrong thing to order- but give the 5 hr pork a try...slow roasted, slices of avocado, rice & black beans and a spicy slaw- really, really good stuff

                1. re: chef4hire

                  Before the storm they had this awesome pork was a double cut pork chop with this amazing fig sauce. I keep begging for them to bring it back.