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Apr 28, 2008 10:14 AM

Solo in South Beach


I'm heading down to Mustique in May and am staying a night in Miami between connections. I'm staying on South Beach at the Sanctuary and am looking for somewhere within walking distance (it can be a long walk--that's fine) where I could sit at the bar, grab a beer or glass of wine, and enjoy some really solid food. Any cuisine, price point works. Just need somewhere that's good for solo dining. Local clientele/friendly bartenders a plus. Also, it's Mother's Day when I'll be in town, so not somewhere that would have a MD promo going on or anything. Somewhere like Michael's Genuine is what I'm thinking... I'd go there but don't feel like cabbing it all the way to the DD.


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  1. Table 8 could work. I was just there a few weeks ago, good food and great specialty cocktails. We sat at the bar while we waited for a table and the bartenders were all very friendly.

    1. I would do sardinia or joe allen and Joes Stone Crab -- if you can get a seat at Joes...

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        You could grab a cab and head to The Lido at The Standard. It's low key and you could sit on the water. You could try Clarke's or The Room for a drink, both are local faves.

      2. I think some of the best food on the beach is at Talula - nice bar plus a small kitchen bar if you want to hang out by the kitchen and watch the cooks. Here's notes from my most recent dinner visit ->

        More casual and some interesting Indonesian food can be had at Indomania which has a bar where you could choose to do some solo eating. Friendly staff. Notes here ->

        Both of these are probably about a mile north of your hotel.

        210 23rd St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

        131 26th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

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          I would go with TP on this and hit Sardinia or JR and do the Standard (great spot al fresco). Sunday nights at the Standard they play drunken bingo for prizes and a good deal of goofiness and adjacent to Sardinia (which has great chow) they have "Chocolate Sundays" at Purdy Lounge featuring a Jagermeister-fuelled Spelling Bee that will definitely dull your memories of taking the SATs in no time.

          Have a Great Night!


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            Standard is technically not in south beach and is a little further walk than sardinia - but certainly doable. It is also getting warmer here and is not a good option if it is a humid night so check the weather first. Usually nights are perfect though so you should be ok.

            If you go to talula on a weeknight it might be dead. Indomania is an interesting choice and would second that. Just because the place is pretty interesting and the food is great.

            Off topic, but I was told that starting May 12, Sardinia is going to feature cuisine from a different region of Italy every monday.