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Apr 28, 2008 09:58 AM

Post Graduation Lunch/Dinner Near White Plains

Hi everyone,

I'll be graduating from college in about 3 weeks. My family is staying at a Marriott in White Plains, and I was hoping to get some suggestions for a good restaurant for an early dinner for about 10 people following the ceremony. Ideally, I was thinking something American or Italian (the group I'll be with isn't particularly adventurous). Also, do you know of any places along these lines that are located on the river? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. How much are you looking to spend, and where is graduation? Along the river probably won't be cheap (I assume you want it ON the river for the view). Also, the Marriott is in Tarrytown, not White Plains.

    There's Red Hat and One in Irvington, X2O in Yonkers is great but it might be tough to get a reservation for 10 people so close to the date

    BTW, I just remembered that Liz Johnson did a story on river dining in the Dining Guide that just came out last week (I'm quoted in it!). Here is a link:

    The only Italian places she mentions are in Rockland.

    1. Thanks for the response...the story was helpful for some ideas! Graduation is from Fordham in the Bronx...I'm reluctant to do Arthur Ave for dinner because I think the whole school will be there, so I figured it might just be easier to head back toward the general vicinity of the hotel. As far as price range, I was thinking of a place where entrees would run between 20 and 30 each or so. And if you happen to know of any good places that aren't on the river, that's fine too. Thanks for your help!

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        I'd call X2O immediately and see if they can take you. The location is perfect if you're coming from the Bronx, the view is great and the food isn't bad, either :-). Either that or maybe Harvest in Hastings or the places in Irvington. There's really no sense in going somewhere that's not between your graduation and the hotel (like White Plains).

        And congrats from me, too.

      2. Not on the river, but Graziella's in WP sounds like it might be more your speed if no one is partic too adventurous. It's been quite a while since I've been, but maybe someone can weigh in and let you know their thoughts as of late. There are tons of threads on White Plains, so maybe you can find something else really fun. And congrats to you on graduating!

        Graziella menu:

        f.i.s.h. in Port Chester could be fun too:

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          If they are staying at the Marriott in White Plains, on Barker Ave., Aberdeen, a Hong Kong/chinese restaurant is right downstairs off of the lobby, and is delicious. Right downtown, you have Zanaro's (Italian), Legal Seafood and the fondue place (whose name has just totally escaped my brain). On Post Rd., you have Laguna (Italian). People have been raving lately about Antipasti (Main St.), which is also pricey Italian. Up on North Broadway, there is Abatino's, more casual Italian. Down on Bloomingdale Road, there is Cheesecake Factory and Morton's steakhouse.

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            JillianGA, if Artie's Steak and Seafood on City Island isn't your speed, I would recommend Emilio's in Harrison. Graziella's is good too.

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              I forgot about that Marriott. I guess it's possible they will be in White Plains, and Zanaros could be a good choice.

              Aberdeen is definitely not for the unadventurous.

              BTW I think we took my family to Graziella's after my daughter's graduation, but that was high school and it was at the County Center.

              I still say X20.

              1. re: MisterBill2

                Mr. Bill - I haven't been to Zanaros nor been tempted to go since it appears to me - based on appearances which I know isn't always fair but is often accurate - that it is a about the level of an Olive Garden, maybe a step up. Macaroni Grill-ish?

                Am I wrong and if so, please tell me and maybe one day we'll get over our intense trepidation and venture in.

                1. re: laylag

                  I've never been to Zanaros either, nor have I wanted to. But I figured if they were in downtown WP and wanted Italian, it was an option, I think the building is nice. And I believe I read a decent review from someone who ate there during HVRW.

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                    MisterBill2, they're not in downtown WP. The hotel is on Red Oak Lane, so they have no need to go into WP.

                    1. re: dolores

                      I know. An earlier post had suggested they were at the Residence Inn where Aberdeen is located.

                      Anyway, the OP should just call X20 because while it was already a longshot, each passing day makes it even less likely that they'll get in.

          2. Hi everyone,

            Yes, it turns out we are actually staying at the Renaissance Westchester by Marriott, which is in White Plains...sorry for the confusion. These suggestions all look great, I appreciate the help!

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            1. re: JillianGa

              Ah, okay, on Red Oak Lane, used to be Stouffer's I think.

              Then get out of town, for sure, you don't want to pay for parking in WP. X20 is wonderful, that would be my first pick too. If all really don't want the flash and glam (realllly good food though and the views to die for), then Emilio's is another very good choice.

              1. re: dolores

                Consider Mazzei Hostaria (Italian) on Regent St. in Port Chester, or Willet House (steaks) also in Port Chester, or head to Greenwich to Centro Cafe or Terra, both Italian.

            2. Nobody's mentioned Harvest on Hudson in Hastings. Not sure if their sister restaurant, Half Moon, is open in Dobbs Ferry. Both have great river view & Harvest has a Mediterean flavored meun.

              Congrats on your graduation,
              From an old Japer

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              1. re: cavandre

                I mentioned Harvest in my 2nd post Apr 29, 2008 08:35PM. I think that or X20 or the Irvington places would be good choices.