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Apr 28, 2008 09:43 AM

Does any place serve a clam and garlic pizza?

There's a small restaurant chain in the SF Bay area called Amici's that serves up some delicious NY style pizza. One of the specialty pies is called Manhattan Red Clam. It comes with lots of clams and crushed garlic. The sauce is excellent. It was one of the most delicious combos on a pizza I've eve had. I'm wonding if any of the outer borough joints has this on the menu.

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  1. The classic white clam pizza is up in New Haven CT-- When I have a craving, I go to Fornino's in Williamsburg-- not transcendent, but very very good- wood burning oven and fresh ingredients--

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      Yes. As MelissaC1 stated, that's New Haven style. Amici's sells one of those too. I'm looking for the red clam pizza, not the white.

      1. re: myclawyer

        I don't believe any of the great brooklyn pizzerias (difara's. totonnos, lucalis etc) have it. is there something fundamentally different about a red clam pie or is it just that the pie has tomato sauce? is there cheese, too?

        if it's not fundamentally different, perhaps your best bet may be to go to someplace like fornino's and ask them to add tomato sauce (and maybe cheese, and garlic if it isn't already on there) to your white clam pie.

        does franny's do a clam pie?

        1. re: missmasala

          It looks like a regular NY pizza, red sauce and cheese, with flecks of green (maybe fresh oregano or basil) and then covered with crushed garlic and small clams. There's no white sauce. My brother lives out there and has it all the time. I'll see if he can get a photo for us. It really is delicious.

          1. re: myclawyer

            there's no white sauce on a white clam pizza either. AFAIK, it's just clams, garlic,oregano,sometimes parsley, and a sprinkling of pecorino. That's why i think if you went to a place that serves clam pies (like fornino's) and asked for a clam pie with tomato sauce and cheese, you might get a close approximation to what you want.

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              okay, was just in Marco Polo to Go on court street in carroll gardens, brooklyn. They have really good pizza cooked in a wood-burning oven and i almost live there as my kids are addicted to the pizza and the people running the place are so nice (tho the pizza maker only speaks italian--i love practicing my very poor italian with him)
              anyway, they list a clam pie that comes with cheese, garlic, parsley, and clams. You could try that one and ask for tomato sauce as well. At worst, it should be a good pizza that isn't exactly what you are looking for.
              You could try describing what you want to them. they are very very accomodating.

          2. re: missmasala

            The Fornino clam pie is made with tiny in-the-shell Manila clams. It's not particularly good and it's a pain to eat.

      2. Thats not NY style, that is New Haven style. Pepe's (the best, but like an hour wait), Sally's and Modern all made excellent clam pie.

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        1. re: MelissaC1

          If you go to Pepe's on Saturday for lunch around noon, you will not wait but five minutes. Try the sausage pie as well as the clam. Oh yeah, the bacon pie is excellent too. That's another thing they don't do here.

        2. Yeah, even I (a hopeless NY-centric pizza geek) have never heard of this except as a New Haven thing. I bet it exists here, but probably it is better up there.

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          1. re: NYJewboy

            Glad to hear- I thought I was alone in never hearing of this "NY Style" pizza-- I'd love to try it if anyone finds it....

          2. Not in the Outer Boroughs, but Lombardis serves clam pizza.

            1. also not outer borough, but you can prob get a facsimile made for you at arturo's on houston. clams are an optional topping you can put on a regular pizza, as well as the more common garlic.

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              1. re: thievery

                Franny's on Flatbush Avenue has a clam and garlic pie and it is outrageous. Oops sorry it is white.

                1. re: psnative

                  I've had the clam pie at Franny's. Maybe they'd be willing to do it red for you...?