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Apr 28, 2008 09:06 AM

British Food Market in South Florida?

I thought there used to be one in the Delray area but can't seem to find it - anyone know where one is? TIA

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    1. Publix in Delray and Boca have small British sections. Where are you from? I live in Delray and come from London. There is a small store in Jupiter by the Queen Mary pub. Or Ft Lauderdale is our next nearest store.

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      1. re: smartie

        I'm in Boca and never noticed the British section in Publix. Who knew lol!??
        Thanks! I'm also checking out the link!

        1. re: Linda VH

          LInda I am in Delray and go to the Publix at Linton and Jog. The Brit section has a Union Jack above it (very small blink you will miss it) and is in the Ethnic Section at the back of the store near the fish dept. They have the following foods - Birds Custard, Heinz steamed puds, HP sauce, Mcvities Digestives, sometimes Hobnobs, some Cadbury's choccies, t bags, curry sauce, Bovril, Heinz Beans and salad cream, a few packets of things like shepherds pie mix, Branston, sometimes pickled onions, Oxo cubes. Also in the store you will find Marmite but elsewhere, and Organic Weetabix in the cereals section and Alpen.

          Publix at Jog and Yamato also have a Brit section, with the same stuff. Think that one is also at the back of the store on the right hand side.

          Not much but something when you are craving a Flake or a bowl of custard!

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            The Publix in Boca at Federal and Camino has a 4' section with mostly British products including canned Mushy Peas.

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          The Publix on Atlantic and Military Trail in Delray also has an 'ethnic' section with British foods.

        3. The British Depot has a store in Ft Lauderdale on Commercial and one in Lake Worth.

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            1. re: Linda VH

              Be sure to try the HP Fruity Sauce......Makes a wonderful steak sauce.
              I got hooked on it a few years ago on a visit to Scotland.

              1. re: HotMelly

                lol gotta laugh at 'be sure to try the HP fruity sauce' ... it's a British institution and known as brown sauce. It's also wonderful on 2 fried eggs on toast with baked beans and chips (British chips not American fries!!) a good dollop of brown sauce and a good dollop of red (ketchup) - and bacon and fried sausages too if you eat them.

                1. re: smartie

                  Ah, but HP makes a Fruity version of their sauce that's a whole different thing: more orange in color, and based on tropical fruits like mango. It's delicious, but much lighter / tangier than regular brown sauce. I also recommend it!

                  1. re: smartie

                    HP has their regular brown sauce, but there's another that is fruit-based, The HP fruity sauce" which has mango and other tropical flavors. It's a brown sauce, but more red and definitely a different flavor than regular brown sauce.

                    1. re: bexclark

                      Bex is correct. The HP Fruity is GREAT on steaks! I grew up using Lea & Perrins (which is owned by HP) in the SQUARE bottle with the orange label (not the round bottle Worcestershire sauce), but that was discontinued when Heinz bought HP because they didn't want to make and sell two of the same sauce. HP Fruity is my favorite steak sauce, and certain high end steakhouses use it as their "secret house" sauce.

            2. lake worth dixie hwy directly across the street from park ave bar b que. big selection fairly priced and real bangers and haggis. cheerio marky

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                I drove into the strip mall the other day looking for it.The windows are tinted very dark..But there is a sign that says "We Are Open".Next door to Altered States tattoo parlor...Get some Fruity Sauce and a tattoo all in the same stop

              2. British Marketplace, Stirling Road, Davie..Tons of British imports, chocs/tea/teapots and a tearoom in the back:)