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Apr 28, 2008 09:03 AM

Fruit and Veg Market in or around UWS?

I'm moving to Morningside Heights in July to begin grad school and am fairly unfamiliar with businesses in the Upper West Side area. Does anyone know of a good fruit and vegetable market in the neighborhood?

Since I'm going to be on a student's budget, I'm looking for an option that is more inexpensive option than Whole Foods, etc.

I have done some searching on this site and others for an answer to this question, but haven't been able to find anything. Is the farmer's market in Union Square my best bet?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. There is a farmer's market in Lincoln Square on Thursdays and Saturdays. 4-5 booths covering fruits/veggies, cheese/bread and other baked goods.

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      Isn't there a Westside Market uptown...I shop at their store at 77th St. /Bdway. Love it. Great fruits + veggies, cheese dept. and delicious salads.

      Westside Market (Upper Westside Morning Heights)
      2840 Broadway
      New York, NY 10025
      p: 212-222-3367
      f: 212-222-1500

    2. Some of the answer may depend on exactly what you are looking for. Fairway (both 74th St. and Harlem) will offer a lot of variety at good prices but may be a trip, depending on where you live. There are 2 greenmarkets in the nabe -- 97th & Columbus and 106th & CPW. I haven't been to the latter, but the 97th St. one is great (obviously not nearly as big as Union Square, but quite good once all the vendors return in May). There's also a Garden of Eden (which I find to be overpriced) on Broadway around 106th (not sure of the exact cross street). Hope that helps you a bit.

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        Thanks! That's very helpful. I appreciate the suggestions.

      2. LNG212's suggestions are all very good. The least expensive that I have found is actually Garden of Eden, if you buy only the produce in the bins in frotn of the store. This tends to be the seasonal produce and it is always very fresh.

        Fairway is also well priced (with an excellent butcher's counter to boot). The one in Harlem is on 132nd ST and the closest subway stop is the 1 train at 125th.

        I find the Union Square Greenmarket quite pricey, actually.

        The 106th Greenmarket is not, in my opinion, worth the travel if you do not already live nearby, since there are only five or six vendors there. The quality of the products (bread, produce, dairy) is high, but so are the prices.

        I live further south than you, but in my neighborhood, at least, I've found a few small, corner produce vendors with extremely inexpensive produce. There's a good chance you'll find one if you walk around a bit.

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          I agree with cimui about checking out the corner carts for produce. Ours on 96th & Amsterdam has some good stuff most of the time. And it's quite inexpensive. The one caveat: most stuff is very ripe and should be used quickly (I'm thinking bananas, avocados, etc.). If you're looking to shop several days ahead, then you're better off at one of the "regular" markets.