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Apr 28, 2008 09:01 AM

Chicken - my MONTRACHET memory

I had the tastiest chicken dish in Montrachet back few years ago. The skin was crackingly crispy, the meat moist and tender.

Would you guys be able to tell me where I can have similar chicken dish?

Last week I had lunch at BENOIT and had the chicken for 2. It was good, but nothing special. Last night at MOMOFUKU SSAM, I had the poussin. It was very very good, but the bird was very small.

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  1. i rarely order chicken but red cat/harrison do a great crispy outside, ridiculously moist inside.

    1. I have many fond memories of Montrachet but never had the chicken dish you describe. I had something similar at Shorty's, though.

      I first heard of Montrachet in 1985. I wanted to go. But then came this review:

      It praised the new young chef named Bouley and praised the $16 prix fixe dinner. The week it was published, Montrachet increased all prices by 50%. So I didn't go. I wish I had.

      1. Ive never had that dish either, but try the chicken at perry street. It has amazing crispy skin and tender flesh. One of the best chicken dishes ive had....

        1. The chicken at Montrachet is great. However, if you ever want to try the perfect roast chicken, get the one at Blue Hill. It's ruined all other chickens for me.

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            MetroDad, is the BH's chicken skin crispy?
            Also, is it BH NYC or the Stone Barns?