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Apr 28, 2008 08:49 AM

Mosaic in Scottsdale

Will be staying in Carefree for a few days in June. I have already booked Binkley's (which we love) and am considering Mosaic as our other fine dining night. We have never been there - any comments????

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  1. I have been there several times, it is good, nothing to knock my socks off however.

    You might also try for lunch or other options the Painted Horse or Cafe' Bink, both casual and good eats. Cafe' Bink is at Carefree and owned by Binkley's, nice Patio, downsized menu and great service. Went there twice last week.

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      We agree that Mosaic is good, but not exceptional. If you do eat there, at least make it the night before you go to Binkley's, so that you will be saving the best for later.

    2. Lots of helpful comments in this thread. If you put "Mosaic, Az" in the search box, you'll find many additional mentions.