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Apr 28, 2008 08:41 AM

Best Nachos in DC/MD/VA Area!

I have been to "Goo-Gabs" of dives and national chains in search of the perfect plate of nachos. In this area, I have found Rock Bottom Brewery in Bethesda, to have some great Nachos! They come piled high with the melted Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, vegetarian refried beans, some tomatoes, jalapenos, and diced red onions. You haver to ask for sour cream and guacomole on the side! very nice flavor and definetly enough for 2 or 3 people.( )

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  1. We were just there last night and got the combo appetizer plate. The onion rings, Titan rolls and wings were great! The nachos however.... not fabulous. Too little cheese and beans, and the chips were not fresh. Also, the salsa that came with it was bland. I would definitely recommend the restaurant, but not the nachos. Get the combo but get it with the pizza(you can choose your items). Definitely get the beer sampler... Our waitress brought us an extra sample of her favorite that wasn't included in the sampler. Lots of beer for only $4.79!

    1. This may be a little too far north, but my favorite nachos are those at Holy Frijoles in Hampden. They are always fabulous with lots of cheese and lots of flavor.

      1. You might want to try the nachos at Alero's...I favor the dupont location:

        Pretty good nachos!

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          I like the Nachos served at the Rio Grande restaurant in Bethesda.

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            The nachos (and cold beer) are the best thing about the place.

        2. If this thread really is to go on, I'd say Teocalli Tamale in Herndon has nachos worth, from a chow perspective, actually stopping in and sitting down for.

          1. This is a chain, but when I lived in Western Maryland Uno's was one of the few places to eat and they actually had awesome nachos called muchos nachos I am sure that is something that they would probably still have on the menu all over? They had nachos with the cheese on the bottom then chili and sour cream and guac and where just awesome. The melted cheese on the bottom over the chips helped keep the chips crunchy.