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Apr 28, 2008 08:40 AM

Asian in Columbus, OH (Dublin area)?

Hi all,

I'll be staying in the Dublin area for a week while attending a class and would love to get some recommendations for the best Asian food in the area. I will have a car so I'm willing to explore a bit.

I searched the boards and it seemed like most posts were from a couple of years ago - anything new? I've seen Lee Garden mentioned as well as Joy Village (which I don't think is in the area). How about Thai - anyplace great? I've been to Thai Orchid on Sawmill and it might be worth a return visit unless there's someplace else...


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  1. There is a pretty good Indonesian restaurant in the Dublin area -- Taste of Bali - 2548 Bethel Rd.

    1. You should try Joey Changs in Hilliard:
      There is also a great Irish pub called Brazenhead in the heart of old Dublin and a great cupcake bakery in Powell called Pink moon. I'm just mentioning these because they are in or very close to Dublin.
      Good Luck!!

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        Seconding Joey Chang's!

        Lee Garden changed owners about a year ago, and reviews since have been mixed. Eat at your own risk.

      2. My husband and I enjoy eating at Imperial Garden on Bethel Rd. They have traditional Chinese dishes listed on the back of the menu. I've never been to their weekend buffet. It's suppose to be really good.

        1. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone - please keep them coming!

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            I'm a Thai Orchid fan but you already know of that place. The pickings are kind of slim in the Dublin area, but Windchimes on Frantz Rd can be pretty good.

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              If you're over on Bethel Road, try the Hometown Cafe and Deli in the Bethel Centre shopping center. It looks like a hole in the wall, but you'll get some truly fantastic Chinese, and their deli selections are also quite good.

              If you drive down towards Sawmill Road, there's also a couple of Korean grocery stores with lunch counters in them. Very nice!

            2. There is a Honda assembly plant in nearby Marysville, so there must be some great Japanese around. Anyone?

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       class at Kihachi on Sawmill Rd.

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                  That sounds promising - definitely will make a trip there!