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Apr 28, 2008 08:39 AM

Sandwich and Hero

I'm looking for a great sandhich or hero in the Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Boreum, Cobble area. Should I just get some cuts, bread, spread and assemble my own?

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  1. DiFante's in Red Hook, City Sub at 5th & Bergen,

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    1. re: jakeyd

      If you're doing a search it's Defonte's. Note that they are basically a lunch place and close mid-afternoon and are not open on Sundays. But they make some great sandwiches.

      Defonte's Sandwich Shop
      379 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    2. You should see if Caputo's makes sandwiches. Their imported meats and home made bread and cheese is delicious. I believe they're on Court St and 4th Pl (?). They o Boar's Head as well.

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      1. re: bigmackdaddy

        Caputo's does make sandwiches. they are very tasty. however, I like the ones at Bierkraft even better! (in Park Slope on 5th)

      2. esposito & sons jersey pork store on court/president makes a MEAN sandwich. the guys there are really friendly and know what they're doing. their house-made soppressato is out of this world, but that's for charcuterie, not sandwiches. generally i ask them to make me "something good" and they'll just whip up a sandwich that never fails, w/ very generous portions. i went there this afternoon and had a grilled chicken sandwich w/ fried eggplant, fresh mozz, red peppers, oil vinegar and italian seasoning, i wish i saved a half!

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          ya those guys treat me right each time and I also just go with "whatever's good" they have a very nice thinly sliced roast pork sandwich, and they can do it real simple, or totally hooked-up. great guys.

        2. The pulled pork sandwich at Luluc is very tasty, especially if you like a lot of garlic. Bocca Lupo also occasionally serves something called the PLT (basically a BLT with pancetta and arugula instead of bacon and lettuce) which is pretty damned good.

          If you're going to assemble your own, I second esposito & sons. I've never had a sandwich made by them, but I often make sandwiches from their soppresata and other cold cuts and I agree they're quite good.

          1. CATENE DELI - corner of 4th Ave and 9th St. in the Slope/ Gowannus. fantastic sandwiches, italian steam table foods (chicken cach, ziti with little meatballs, stuffed peppers, eggplant), and some of the best "parmigian" type heros around. all parmigian heros can be ordered mild, medium, and spicy. favorites are Fried Calimari Parm Hero, Fried Shrimp Parm Hero, spectacular Chicken Parm Hero- all top notch- super fresh (i find the chicken especially to be much fresher at Catene than Difonte, where it sits in a tray until called upon, also the roast beef seems fresher, moister to me, imho...). and speaking of, Catene makes a spectacular Brooklyn Roast Beef- Rare Roast Beef on a Hero with fresh mozzarella, brown gravy, fried onions, salt and pepper- spectacular!. HIGHLY recommended- only open until 4 pm monday through saturday. everything is super fresh, the place is spotlessly clean, and the owners take great pride in their food. what i wouldn't give for that chicken cutlet right now (stuck in the catskills eating local organics...) enjoy fb