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Apr 28, 2008 08:38 AM

Asian markets in the L.I. area?

Was wondering if anyone could tell me some good places to go to for Asian groceries?

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  1. i know a small place in roslyn.i think it's on willis ave although i can't recall the's about a mile north of the l.i.e. there a large one in hempstead but i wouldn't go back.pretty gross.

    1. Long Island is a pretty big place. Where are you looking? I just came back from H-Y Market in Plainview weighed down with 4 different types of kimchi and all the ingredients for a fine bulgogi. Can't wait for dinner Wednesday! H-Y sells mostly Korean and Japanese foods. For Chinese groceries, you may want to try Good Neighbor Market, 385 West John Street in Hicksville. It's a bit hard to find, set back in a business park, but worth the search.

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        V&T in Hempstead is a large Asian Supermarket with a bakery and fishmonger that includes a live fish tank as well as dry goods..It's a predominately Chinese market and also sells Thai,Korean,Japanese and Indo/Paki products.I love the place bring a cooler if you go for the great frozen dumplings.Also on 347 in E.Setauket is a smaller but real good Asian market with fresh stuff greens,tofu and meats plus frozen dumplings

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          bonus at V&T: because of the neighborhood, they have a full GOYA aisle.

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          The market in Hicksville is packed with some really inexpensive items. It is set back and tricky to find. There is a small strip mall on the north side of West John Street to act as a landmark. Spend some time looking at the spices, non-food items and canned juices. Much of the Chinese merchandise is very low cost compared to similar products at the supermarket. The cooking wine is especially inexpensive.
          If you go to the V&T market in Hempstead, watch your back. It is not in the safest part of the world. The market is the size of a small supermarket and has a tremendous amount of product.

        3. The bakery that is attached to V & T has great pork buns and other items as well.
          There is also H-Mart on Hillside Avenue in Williston Park, in the shopping center on the corner of Herricks Road.
          The store in Roslyn is actually on what is called Mineola Ave., and more like 1/2 mile north of the LIE on the west side of the street. Mineola Ave. is what Willis Ave is called north of the LIE.

          1. One of these days H-Mart is going to open in Great Neck, in a small shopping center on Great Neck Rd., just north of Northern Blvd. If it's like the other H-Marts, it should have a wide selection and good prices. Plus, there's a great bagel place (Bagelman) in the same shopping center...sort of an only in New York kind of bonus.

            1. Thanks a lot everyone. I will definitely try all of the places out and tell you what I liked the best.