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Apr 28, 2008 08:32 AM

Richmond, Va- Food, Scene

We're traveling to Richmond in couple weekends for a wedding. I am from a university town in Virginia and am craving good food, seafood is a plus. We're staying on East Broad street and prefer to stay in the area; walking distance from the hotel would be great. All types of food is fine, price must be reasonable (gas prices and gift for the couple are burning a hole in the pocket right now.) Any recommendations?

I've heard lots about Comfort. Is it close to E. Broad street? Does it have good seafood?

The wedding's on Saturday therefore after Friday dinner, we'd like to do something in the city. We enjoy theater, art scene, comedy clubs and the like. Any suggestions on what to do after dinner on Friday?



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  1. Comfort is at 200 W. Broad St. Not far from the East/West line of Broad. Where are you from in VA? Another place I would suggest is Edo's Squid at Harrison and Grace in the VCU district. Best seafood in Richmond...hands down with some kick-ass pasta to boot and is reasonably priced.. The fried catfish and other seafood (they usually have a salmon and tuna dish and sometimes something else like swordfish)are very good at Comfort.

    1. I second Janet from Richmond on the Edo's Squid recommendation. I want so much to like Comfort, but haven't been thrilled with my past few experiences (concededly, for lunch). On the other hand, we've taken to bringing guests to Edo's Squid whenever we have people in town and it never disappoints. I love the squid and white bean salad. Some of my friends love the tuna, but I'm not a fish person. Actually, my favorite item there is the eggplant parmesan, and I'm otherwise a carnivore. *However,* I would not characterize Edo's Squid as a particularly unique place for Richmond or for the South -- it's just a gooood restaurant.

      Neither of those places are that far driving. If you're really insistent on walking and want seafood, you can try Hardshell (it's 14th and Cary or so), Croaker's Spot (known for its fried trout I think), or Bookbinder's. Reviews are mixed of all of these places, I think, with probably Croaker's Spot getting the best reviews and the most reasonable in price?

      After dinner, what your options are will depend on which weekend you're coming into town. Toad's Place has some decent concerts, and will probably be more or less within walking distance (depending on where on East Broad Street you are). Ditto for The National. Both those places will probably have a cover / ticket fee depending on who the musicians are. Richmond also has a pretty good indie music / amateur jazz scene, and I'm not sure where the best place is to point you for that. There are various shows / operas in Richmond -- probably ticketmaster is your best bet. Post-dinner is probably too late for art scene. You could also see a $2 movie at the Byrd theatre, a historic Richmond venue.

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        If you go again with fish people (hehe) get the's served whole and is wonderful and when we go with others and get it family style, there is never a morsel left. We also love the squid, white beans and arugula. Another good appetizer that is rich (good for sharing with a couple of other people) is the braised fennel.

      2. I just had a great dinner at Comfort. Fried catfish was fabulous (as were the shrimp and grits app since you asked about seafood) and a number of the sides were standouts as well. The wines by the glass were good but the bourbon/whiskey menu is especially fun. Loved the Blanton's.

        Had a good meal at sensi but nothing special for richmond. but good. not walkable though.

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          I love Sensi (as you know <g>) but it definitely is not reasonably priced.

          1. re: Janet from Richmond

            oh - forgot that qualification. agreed! :) the salad was... but that was all.

        2. To answer some questions. We are staying at the Marriott on E Broad Street next weekend, May 9th.

          I've checked out Times Dispatch for events after dinner but nothing stands out.

          Comfort sounds like it'll fit the bill. We want shrimp, any kind of good fish, grits (mmm grits, I say that even though I don't know what tasty grits are supposed to be like. ha! I've just craved them because of high marks from friends), greens. mac and cheese.

          Janet, I grew up in C'ville.

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            here is my longer thread.

            i was hoping you'd be here this weekend for first fridays art walk. will look into that weekend. otherwise it looks like you can walk down to the shockoe slip which is a fun place to be on a friday night - young but still okay (i felt really old at 34!). sine (irish pub - where i wouldn't go for the food) had really good live music with no cover when we stopped in after sensi the other night.