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Apr 28, 2008 08:16 AM

Near City Hall

I need a recommendation for a nice restaurant near City Hall. Not a hole-in-the-wall type of place or po-boy joint; something more like Lil' Dizzy's or Drago's (which are a little too far). Le Pavillon is in a good location, but we would rather not go to a buffet.

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  1. How about the India place upstairs on University Place? Oh, it might be buffet only. Steve's diner on Gravier near Baronne is about the same distance away as the Pavilion.

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Or try Horinoya on Poydras. Can be bustling at lunch, but still turns out very good sushi.

      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        The Tandoor closed that location and relocated out on Cleary around the corner from Int'l Market.

        1. re: JGrey

          Oh, that's a better location for me. I might have to hit it this weekend....thanks.

      2. How about the Lil Dizzy's across from the Pavillion? Also, there is a place that is owned by the old chef from Fire! that is near Canal St, near One Shell Square, Luke, etc. but I do not know the name of it. Really good stuff.

        1. Do you have jury duty for the next two weeks like I do? I plan on hitting The Store at 814 Gravier St. I like their salads.

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          1. re: uptownlibrarian

            That's the place I was trying to think of! Really good stuff, tasty Reuben and delicious soup.

          2. If you go to Lil Dizzy's tell us how it is.

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              I ate at Lil Dizzy's on Poydras during a federal jury duty stint back in was fine. The fried chicken was tasty, the greens were peppery, the mac n cheese was the epitome of bland starchy goodness. It's a little odd to be eating home cooking while sitting in a rather grandiose, repurposed bank lobby, though. If I worked downtown, it would be in my regular lunchtime rotation.

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                Ended up going to Lil' Dizzy's. The food was very good and I just love the atmosphere. Had trout Baquet which was absolutely delicious. Friend had shrimp and grits which was good. Service was fine until we needed the bill - had to find the waiter to ask for the bill, then it took a very long time for payment to be processed.