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Apr 28, 2008 07:38 AM

Starbucks Coffee Tasting

Hey Hounds

My local 4bucks is offering a coffee tasting class tonight and Mrs. Sippi and I are thinking of going.
Has anyone ever done this?? Is it worth it?? Did you enjoy it??


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  1. I've taken a class at the Starbucks in Hong Kong and found it pretty informative. Different topics are covered in each class and the one I took focused on fair-trade coffee, and so the lecturers (who are actually baristas) talked about the background of fair-trade coffee, but also on other topics like Starbucks' new products. We got to do a few coffee tastings paired with something sweet like chocolate marquise cakes or lamingtons, and sampled their new beverages. The lecturers also gave us cute hand-drawn frappuccino bookmarks.

    I don't know how the classes in Hong Kong compare to ones in the US, but I thought my evening was well-spent and the lecture didn't last more than two hours.

    1. Just to report back on this.

      We went last night and had a good time. They had one of the barristas who'd taken some coffee courses teach us a little bit about Starbucks and their coffees. We tasted 4 different kinds of coffee and discussed the various nuances of them. We had some donuts too.
      So all in all, it was an hour well spent. The woman who did the tasting said she was gonna try and do one a month and we'll certainly go back for the next one.


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        Glad to hear that you enjoyed it, and thanks for the report. Do they usually just post about the classes on the bulletin boards in the store?

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          I'm not sure how they normally do it but they just had some little fliers at the cash register. The woman who held it said that she didn't "Advertise" it much because she didn't have much room.
          That led to my biggest complaint. There was only 4 of us. It would've been nicer to have a few more people to get a wider perspective on the coffees.