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Apr 28, 2008 07:29 AM

Seattle or Eastside Mother's Day Brunch Buffet?

my mom (and dad) have been looking for a nice brunch buffet somewhere in seattle, the eastside, or even the northend....i thought mother's day would be the perfect opportunity..any suggestions on places that will have a mother's day brunch buffet?

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  1. Mother's day is the absolute worst day of the year to go for brunch anywhere. Strongly recommend you reconsider your timing.

    1. I love the Easter Brunch at Saltys on Alki and I bet their Mother's Day brunch is also excellent. It's BUSY, so I'd make my reservations for early in the day before they get too far behind.

      I've also been to Thanksgiving buffets at Rays Cafe, which were quite good - I'd try them.

      1. yes, mother's day is a bad day for brunchbut i'll beat this drum one more time. the restaurant in the edgewater hotel,6/7, has the best brunch buffet in seattle. food, view, and service. it will be expensive and you may be too late for a res(if they are taking)but it will be worth it. do a search for it. you can thank me later.