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Apr 28, 2008 07:14 AM

Near Milford / Upper Black Eddy

Does anyone have any personal experience with any of these restaurants? I'm looking for something in the area for a Sunday afternoon with vegetarian options.

Loven Oven - Milford, NJ
Ma-De-Chat Shop - Milford, NJ
Tara - Upper Black Eddy, PA
Indian Rock Inn - Upper Black Eddy, PA

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  1. The only one I can comment on is Tara. I have had dinner there a couple of times and was absolutely blown away by the experience. It did help that on both occasions we were with friends of the owners, that it was a beautiful summer evening and we ate at a table in the garden. We still talk about our dinners there.

    Tara is a strange place. I'm not even sure it's open for lunch though I've been told they will open if enough people reserve. You definitely must phone in advance to see what's happening - or not, as the case may be. You may even find that the restaurant is closed. The owners take off for Italy several times a year and shut the place down.

    Could you be more specific about your needs? You say "Sunday afternoon" so I'm assuming you're looking for a place to have lunch. If, however, you could do an early dinner, I'd also suggest you consider The Milford Oyster House.

    Added in Edit: You won't find much on the web about Tara. Here are some comments from TripAdvisor:

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      Loven Oven is a really homey small shop that produces high quality food, with terrific atmosphere. I can't say enough good about everything I've ever had there, from the maked mac n cheese to the potato pancakes to the quiche de jour, the muffins, everything!

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        Had dinner last night with wife at Tara in Upper Black Eddy, PA.. The food was real good! . It is a converted stuffy house, somewhere between old school fancy and elderly Italian Aunt amusing. I would not hesitate to go back, most likely with friends. The food was worth the price. $$$$.
        They have a small bar, the drinks were reasonably priced. $9 for a cocktail.

        We called for reservation mid afternoon, no problem getting a table last night, it is such a beautiful weekend I guess everyone is down the beach.. The patio looked inviting, nearing 8:00pm and fearing mosquitoes, we opted for an inside table.

        Ravioli Nudi- Basically the inside of a stuffed shell or ravioli without the pasta. Served in a rich tomato sauce. Liberal sprinkling of grated parm. Slurrrrp! So good - I will make them today. (Several recipes on internet)

        Lobster scampi - A couple of nice tail pieces cooked in clarified butter with toasted garlic bits. Very Tasty – more please…

        Warm pear, gorgonzola, nice leaf lettuce, prosciutto & toasted walnuts. As best as I can tell, a lite honey mustard vinaigrette. Great.

        A small loaf of homemade Tuscan bread. Good job.

        I had the Filet. Nice piece a meat - properly cooked, served with Béarnaise sauce. Each entrée came with a small plate of veg. Roasted cauliflower, steamed broccoli, a roasted pear tomato and 3 candied baby carrots.

        Wife had the Lump Meat Crab in brown butter. Very tasty, nice portion but the dish is super rich with the butter, would have been better off getting the appetizer portion, and getting the Ravioli Nudi for dinner.