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Apr 28, 2008 07:05 AM

Best Old World Italian near Hells Kitchen?

Austin Hound looking for Old World rustic Italian in midtown this week. I heard Ralphie's might be worth trying and I think Trattoria Trecolori is good but is closed for remodeling.

Anyone have ideas?


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  1. Trecolori is not closed. The info on their website is outdated. They re-opened in the 47th St. space *last* May, so they;ve been there almost a year. The homestyle Italian fare is better than ever; service, as always, is friendly and efficient; and the large space is way more pleasant than the old location, i.e., attractive decor and comfortably-spaced tables.

      1. re: Rasher

        Imo, the pastas at Becco are mediocre. In addition, seating is uncomfortably sardine-tight, and the noise level can be so hideously high that normal conversation becomes impossible. With so many Italian restaurants in the Hell's Kitchen/Theater District area which have better food and much pleasanter atmospherics, there is no reason to bother with Becco.

        1. re: RGR

          Puttanesca is delish..cant beat the prices either.
          across the street from Relph's I believe.

      2. i'm half italian, dad's 100% italian and our favorite is consistently baldoria. it's more midtown than hell's kitchen but close enough. another one on 9th i believe is ralph's. but definitely try baldoria's first. i think it's the cousin restaurant to rao's.

        1. Try Lattanzi Ristorante on 46th or Basilica on 9th b/t 46 and 47th. Lattanzi is the more expensive of the two, wheras Basilica is a much much smaller restaurant.