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Apr 28, 2008 07:04 AM

Korean Steakhouse,,,Raleigh nc

went there Sat,,appears to be quite new,,concept is interesting but too expensive,,,interesting how they get the customers to cook their own food and still pay for it and feel that they have had a grand experience,,now thats good marketing!!,,dont know how the health dept..lets the place allow customers to cook their own pork and beef....any ideas?

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  1. This is SOP for most Korean restaurants and the problem is not the health department but the fire department. Many years ago (about 20) there was a Korean restaurant on Capitol Blvd. that had the grill-your-own tables. They relocated to Cary and no longer had that option. Why? Fire department wouldn't allow it. It's Cary, dontcha know? But Seoul Garden on Atlantic has a bunch of grill tables and that's really the only way to go for kalbi, bulgoki, etc.

    As far as the price goes, yeah it's a bit high. More atmosphere than Seoul Garden but Seoul Garden has a much more extensive menu and I've been very happy with their food. I haven't eaten at Korean Steakhouse yet but I did pick up their menu the week they opened. I'm more interested in trying the Jamaican/soul food restaurant that opened right behind them. Boy, did that place ever smell good!

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      Slightly off topic, but there is a newish Jamaican place a little further South. Take out only. Last Sat. they were already selling out some items by early afternoon!

    2. Having been to South Korea and eaten in local restaurants there, I can tell you that this is the way many places are over there. Cooking your own meat in a Korean restaurant in Raleigh, NC is simply bringing authenticity to the "table"

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        I read that finally, finally the Korean in Cary will be allowed to install grill tables soon. So trendy Cary is how many decades behind on this one?

        Still, I also saw where this restaurant and the new Japanese in the old DQ off Capital are owned by the people who have Crazy Fire Mongolian, among other places. It will still take some pretty good reports here to get me to abandon Seoul Garden.

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          rockycat, where is the Korean steakhouse in Cary?

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            It used to be called Seoul House when it was in Raleigh. It's now called Korean Garden. It's at 748 E. Chatham St., Ste. E. It's the strip mall just before the one that has Cool Breezes.

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            If you are talking about Korean Garden on Chatham St. in cary being owned by the same company as Crazy Fire, you are incorrect. This is a local place owned by a Korean family, I have been there and a friend of mine knows this family well.

            They do now have the grill tables.

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              No the comment was that the new Korean Steakhouse in Raleigh on Capital Blvd is owned by the same company as Crazy Fire, and that the Korean in Cary (Korean Garden) is now allowed to have the grill table and not that they are anything other than family owned.

        2. Wow, I'm surprised that people haven't heard of traditional Korean cooking. That is how it was always done back home. I have had a really hard time finding good Korean food here, so we are going tonight to check this place out. The place in Cary that we went to was horrible and the place off of Millbrook and Atlantic isn't all that great either. I have never heard of there ever being a health or fire issue, but maybe that is because I'm not from here and it isn't as popular here as back home.

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