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Apr 28, 2008 07:00 AM

J's Oyster (Portland) - A brief review

Had the opportunity to eat at J's Oyster with my wife and another couple visiting from NYC. After a dozen oysters and a Haddock sandwich all washed down by two Allagash White pints on tap, the husband proclaimed it the greatest lunch he had ever eaten. My six oysters and another Haddock sandwich impressed me likewise. The oysters were fresh - could have been more briny to my taste - and the Haddock was a meaty fillet cooked to order.

With oysters only $13 a bakers dozen, J's is a real bargain and should not be overlooked for a great lunch place in Portland, especially in the summer when they put out in the back a few tables lining the wharfside.

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  1. D'accord. So long as one doesn't expect something other than a dock-side, sleeves-rolled-up kind of place, J's consistently produces fresh food and good value. It's a great place to take out-of-towners who want a sense of what Maine's about, and, as you say, is particularly on a warm day when one can eat outside.

    1. my wife and i have been going to Js for over 15 years,and i think we even went on our honeymoon,which would be closer to 18 yrs,yikes!!anyways ,whenever were up that way,we always stop for at least a few oysters at least,sometimes lobsters pie,sometimes just a quick beer.the best thing about the place is that it never really changes,you know your gonna get a great sandwich,cold oysters,cold beer etc.yeah theres alot more to portland,fore st. and duckfat,to name a few,but consistantsy is Js stronghold,and thats why we love it.

      1. J's?

        went twice last September.
        Dirty. Gross. Disgusting. and this is from someone who eats regularly in Boston's ChinaTown and even i was put off by the lack of sanitation.
        looks like they haven't cleaned the place in years. the oysters were all pre-shucked, full of gritty shell bits, and were warm. our Bloody Marys were equally gross.

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        1. re: ScubaSteve

          OMG, Ditto!! I keep reading about people raving about this place and hubby and I had the exact same experience - come on, at least give me cold oysters. We were really concerned with all those pre-shucked oysters sitting there with all the flys buzzing around. Not at all what I want for oysters. We wouldn't venture back at all. Me thinks oysters should be shucked pretty close to eating time and on ice.

          1. re: lexpatti

            I'm with Scuba & Lex on this one, there is something dingy about J's that does me in, especially with so many other options in that town, it just doesn't make the cut for me.