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Apr 28, 2008 06:54 AM

Chicken: Fryer vs Roaster, what went wrong?

It was my understanding that the "fryer" chickens were just smaller roasters. However, I bought a fryer at the store yesterday, cleaned it up, placed in a hot roasting pan at 475 and it would not brown. I was glazing it with a reduction of soy sauce, whiskey and sugar with ginger and garlic. Whenever I painted on the glaze, it just beaded up in certain spots. The chicken was completely dry when I put it in the oven, I dried it off for quite some time. What went wrong?
Should I not have assumed that the fryer was ok to roast?

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  1. This is a just a thought as to what went wrong but I am not entirely sure. First, as you stated, a fryer, I believe, is just a smaller chicken and should not be the source of the problem. Next time, instead of trying to glaze or baste chicken with your glaze, I would try marinating it in the same mixture for several hours. It may have been that because the oven was so hot, when you opened the oven door to glaze the bird, the moisture from the glaze hitting the hot oven air caused the moisture to steam and, thus, the "beading" that you experienced. I believe that had you marinated it, it would have crisped up without the necessity of basting and would have retained the flavor of your marinade. Just a thought.

    1. Try brining the whole chicken for a few hours in the fridge. It gives the meat a lovely full flavor and keeps it very moist.