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Aug 30, 2002 04:47 PM

old Shibucho back (in Costa Mesa)

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I went there for lunch the other day. it's a simple place with about nine seats at the counter and about two tables. oh, and as of now, shibutani-san (the proprietor and sushi chef) has no liquor license. so that means no beer or sake. i forget to ask if byob is possible. anyways, the chef seems very amiable and he actually used to own the shibucho on beverly (now owned by the not so amiable shige kudo) and current location of tsukasa (which was the former location of the orginial shibucho). now, shibutani only has the new Costa Mesa location. he is the sole chef and his wife (i presume?) is the sole waitress who is also very nice. on to the sushi. i started with a yellowtail sushi, then some tuna sushi, next some uni sushi, then toro sushi (which was quite heavily marbled), next was some red snapper sushi, some albacore sushi, a compimentary piece of squid (ika?) sushi, a comp piece of tamago (slightly sweetened, layered, egg omlette), and a crab handroll to finish off the light sushi lunch. oh, and also some miso soup, a couple classes of green tea, and tiny tidpit dessert of a cappucinno mochi ice cream ball. overall, a great meal, and about 35 bucks, tax and tip, inclusive. i think he's open almost everyday for dinner and wednesay-fridays for lunch from 12pm to 2pm.

Sushi Shibucho
590 W. 19th Street
Costa Mesa, California

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  1. Yesterday for lunch for the second time. Nice and very CHEAP!

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      SO and I love it! Cheap (we can totally fill up on $50 and we eat A LOT) and very friendly. I only hope it doesn't get too crowded since the restaurant is so small. Anyway, I will continue to be a frequent visitor.

      1. re: Samantha

        On this board recommendations, I ventured to Shibucho Sushi last night. I requested Omakase, as I cannot remember names. Sake san, his wife and an English speaking Japanese woman all waited on me, I was the only patron! Three kinds of tuna, miso soup, steamed eel, red snapper, giant sardines, and more, all huge portions. Chowed for an hour, shared Kevin's posting from the board with them, they loved it. The skinny being that Shibucho is from Beverly Hills, he retired to travel for two years, his son is learning to be a master, and Mr. Shibucho (sake san) wants to give him his shop in Costa Mesa when he is ready. He speaks no English, but he said through the English translating gal, he was the original sushi master in the United States, some 32 years he's been here, doing this. My bill was $28.50, I was stuffed. Beer and Wine pending license.

    2. Wow, the shibucho location was much cheaper, but then again due to inflation alone it was over ten years ago. How time flies.