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Apr 27, 2008 04:06 PM

Hamburger Recipe [Split from Tristate Board]

tx southlake. will look for them. how did you cook your burgers & how do you garnish them?

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  1. Being the minimalist that I am..........I usually hook it up with either ground chicken or ground beef, lots and lots of freshly minced garlic, worcestershire, salt, pepper, egg, breadcrumbs (fresh parsley or cilantro--if you like).....pound them out to about 2 oz. patties.....then brown them up in the saute pan........finish them in the oven......and usually only garnish them with thinly sliced deli pickle, ketchup and diced sauteed onions! (cheese being optional)
    They're bangin' and 'tis the season!!

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    1. re: southlake

      Thats not minimalist, nor is it a burger, thats a skinny meatloaf or meatball.

      A burger is ONLY meat, with maybe some pepper, then you put the toppings on.

      1. re: MelissaC1

        100% right melissa. burger= ground meat, salt, pepper. who doctors up perfection???

        1. re: 5pmshadow

          A burger is anything you want it to be. Its called being creative.