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Apr 28, 2008 05:53 AM

Tonight between Opera House & Union Station

Want to grab dinner tonight somewhere between the Opera House at Queen/Broadview and Union Station area - help? I don't frequent that downtown core very much - what are our best options? Looking to spend no more than $80 pp. Thanks so much for your help...

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  1. That covers about half the restaurants on the east side. Are you travelling by TTC or taxi once you arrive at Union? Might help narrow the choices.

    1. Pop Bistro is about 2 blocks from The Opera House, just west of Broadview. I've enjoyed the food there quite often. In fact my surprise birthday party was there and everyone loved the food. Soma is right across the road and Ive heard good things, althougth I haven't been. Also, you have Citizen right across the road from the O.H., can't forget that. Do a search on here and decide from there!

      1. I know, I know... I left it kind of open! I forgot about the Citizen - I think we'll be heading there. Thanks so much for your help. Maybe check out Pop too, I've never been there.