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Apr 28, 2008 05:34 AM

great restaurant in Provence hotel?

I'm looking for something like this:
(which I'm told is really great), elsewhere in Provence? Maybe something slightly more East or South. Preferably somewhere less quiet (than Collias) to walk around after dinner.

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  1. That link led nowhere... and what or where is "Collias?"

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          <try this:
          I believe Collias is just west of Avignon> Interesting. Learn something new every day! I've been to Avignon many times and never even heard of Collias.

          There are a couple of hotels/restaurants similar to this in Avignon... Christian-Etienne comes to mind. then, of course in Les Baux is the famous (and wonderful) L'Ousteau de Baumaniere, and the less famous but also wonderful Le Riboto de Taven.

          1. re: ChefJune

            thanks. I guess the sky is the limit as far as food is concerned (at least for a meal or two)

            I'm specifically looking for wonderful (as ChefJ says) and not completely secluded. I'll be there on a wed or thurs in May

            1. re: sarapeater

              Les Baux also came to mind came immediately to mind for the food options, but based on what you described, it doesn't seem quite right. L'Oustau and Riboto are both in the valley looking up at Les Baux, and each have lovely grounds. Then you would either walk up or make a short drive up to Les Baux. At night it really clears out (which I love) but it doesn't sound as though that is the atmosphere you want.

              Avignon and Aix-en-Provence are both lovely to walk around after dinner. Not clear if you want towns as large as these? Or perhaps you have been to Avignon and want a new location?

              1. re: souvenir

                thanks. if I was not alone L'Oustau or Riboto would be great, but you're right, souvenir, that I should be focusing on places like Avignon and Aix-en-P. I have not been to either one. Maybe I should focus on sleeping in Aix

                someone recommended Hôtel du Général d'Entraigues in Uzes, but I'm not sure about their restaurant.

                1. re: sarapeater

                  For you I would suggest Avignon and Arles, which are more interesting for a tourist than Aix. In Arles stay at the very old Hotel d'Arlatan and eat at L'Atelier de Jean-Luc Rabanel.

            2. re: ChefJune

              Let's talk about Christian Etienne, D'Europe and La Mirande.
              Lunch in Avignon? Which one is the best bang for the buck? The best? The most convenient for a post lunch (or pre) stroll?

              1. re: sarapeater

                If you posted their addresses, it would make that assessment easier for me, at least.... I'm not sure about Christian Étienne's location.

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Restaurant Christian Etienne - 10 rue de Mons
                  D'Europe - 1 A, Rue Limas
                  La Mirande - 4, place de la Mirande (also has a little cooking school)

                  1. re: ChefJune

                    Since Le Mirande was just brought up, I have a question about the Table d'Hote Has anyone been to the Tues/Wed Chef Table at Le Mirande? If so how would you rate it? Recently got a response from another website and they were underwhelmed with the experience. I'm not willing to give up my plan unless it gets hammered down again.

                    1. re: Crisco

                      I've never dined at La Mirande at all, so can't give you an opinion. Sorry.

                      1. re: Crisco

                        A couple of years ago we enjoyed a very good meal in the garden at Le Mirande. If we visited Avignon again this would be the only restaurant I would try again - we ate at the others including other starred ones. Le Mirande rarely gets mentioned on the boards, which is a shame (or maybe a good thing) as it has more style and substance than a lot of the other places.

                        We obviously didn't try the Chefs Table but given our experience it could be good.

                    2. re: sarapeater

                      Consider La Fourchette on Rue Racine for lunch.
                      Just off the Popes Palace square and handy for a stroll up to the park area to the side and above the Palace.
                      The extra cost of the three you suggest may make a evening dinner reservation more suitable.
                      La Fourchette has a very high standard of cooking and make a great value and memorable lunch stop.

                      1. re: nealrover

                        are you saying the lunch and dinner prices will be the same? lunch is often a better value. is that not the case here?

                        1. re: sarapeater

                          The prices seem to be constant here lunch or dinner. They don't have many lunch specials but offer a very attractive reasonably priced carte. It has a family connection with the gourmet HIELY LUCULLUS restaurant in Avignon and is managed by a female member of that family.
                          It is a restaurant that I tend to "pigeonhole" into a lunch venue as we enjoy it for that and then relax with a stroll afterwards. I would certainly consider it for dinner if I was staying in Avignon itself.
                          The other restaurants I would think of more for a special occation or a splurge and if I was doing that I would want an evening table - perhaps next year for our 30th!
                          We will be eating at La Fourchette in a week or so - if you want I can certainly let you know more about the lunch/dinner menu cost.
                          Lunch reservations at La Fourchette we have found to be essential.
                          Christian Etienne looks the part if you are wanting a special dining experience and is right next to the Popes Palace so has a wonderful setting. Check out their menues and location:
                          I am sure someone can give you a food review!
                          Hope this helps and makes sense!

                        2. re: nealrover

                          I thought La Fourchette is off the Place de l'Horloge. When did it move over by the Papal Palace?

                          Hiely is one of my favorite places in Provence, but it's not a hotel restaurant. Neither is L'Isle Sonnante, which is also a favorite. (and is about a block further in from La Fourchette.)

                          1. re: ChefJune

                            It is on the same street as L'Isle Sonnante.
                            To me it is just off the square as I was referring to the short distance involved rather than a precise location. I did say Rue Racine.

                            1. re: nealrover

                              thanks. glad you let me know - I def assumed lunch/dinner had different menus/prices.
                              I'll need a res for weekday lunch?

                              1. re: sarapeater

                                Avignon is a very busy place. I would reserve for weekday lunch, or face disappointment. It's been many years, but I had an absolutely wonderful lunch at Hiely. The owners were very friendly and helpful, and the food and service were impeccable.

                        3. re: sarapeater

                          We just returned from Provence. Christian Etienne is right next to the Palais du Papes so very convenient . The service was outstanding and the food one of my most memorable meals in France (after Joel Robuchon's Jamin many years ago). We had lunch for about $240 and worth every dollar. Many inventive amuse bouches such as finely minced apples with a light wasabi dressing, rhubarb served several ways. Unfortunately I have misplaced the menu they give you with the check so can't give more details until I find it.

                    1. Castillion Du Gard is another lovely town.. not far from Uzes. There's a good hotel there with beautiful views and excellent food. I think it's part of the Chateaux et Relais chain or used to be a few years ago. Right down the road is le Pont du Gard - something everyone going to Provence should see.

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                        We stayed at this B & B in 2000 ... it's been a while, but we stayed for a week after our wedding and loved it. It's located in Lagnes not far from Bonnieux, Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, etc. We picked it primarily b/c the owners are a restaurant family, and the food did not disappoint. Amazing and copious breakfasts outside and excellent fixed price (optional) dinners.


                      2. You might want to try the hotel/restaurant at Le Prieure in Villeneuve les Avignon, just across the river from Avignon. We've had two wonderful meals there, and the setting is beautiful. The town is tiny, but there is a little square you can walk to where you can sit and have a drink after dinner. Here is the link: The restaurant had 2 michelin stars ... not sure if it still does.

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                            Drats, sorry about that. Lets try just the link to the hotel and then just click on the restaurant part. If this doesn't work I'll see if I can find something else:

                            1. re: ChefJune

                              and here I've found the hotel's own website (which is in French):


                          2. We really enjoyed our stay at Les Carmes, just outside of Isle sur la Sorgue. The owner's son trained with a michelin-starred chef and his dinners were amazing.

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                              I agree. We stayed there 3-4 years ago and it is TripAdvisors #1 B&B for Provence and in my opinion deservedly so. Beautiful grounds, large rooms. The meals were excellent although I don't think the son has croissants down yet, too soft, not crispy/flaky. The other meals were superb and you can take cooking lessons. We ate many dinners there because it was so good and relatively inexpensive which surprised me because I was planning on searching out more restaurants in Provence. The English owners were wonderful hosts. Overall a charming experience.