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Aug 29, 2002 04:52 PM


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I love the Machaca Plate at El Tepeyaca on Evergreen. Where else might a get some great machaca, say with a cold beer or a good margarita??? Help me!

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  1. Try GILBERT's in Santa Monica for grub Machaca with a basket of fresh tortillas and some nice Margaritas.

    1. The idea of Machaca on the westside/Santa Monica sounds absolutely frightening.

      If you don't mind a little adventure into East LA, you can't go wrong with Mi India Bonita on Olympic Blvd. I don't think they sell margaritas, but you can get a cold beer with the yummy homestyle cooking (try to sit in the older front room and watch them cook your meal.) They also make excellent posole, chile verde, etc.

      Mi India Bonita Cafe
      4731 East Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90022
      (323) 267-8505

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        I woke up this morning craving Machaca. I didnt really want the same old Machaca that I have had before...a quick trip to the computer and I find this 6.5yr old post.

        The Machaca was great! The Pozole was great! The Taquitos were great too! I took it to go and while I was waiting the owner brought me a snack...bean taco using a homemade tortilla. Yum!

        This place is a keeper.

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          I've had the albondigas there, so good. I haven't been there for awhile, may have to make another trip.

      2. There's a lot of Machaca in the San Fernando Valley. Try, for one, Poco's Restaurant in Canoga Park. The place is in a shopping center just west of DeSoto on the north side of Sherman Way.

        1. For good machaca in the Sinaloan style(savory), try Badiraguato in South Gate. Sinaloan machaca is seasoned, dried and pounded. It isn't the shredded stewed beef that we have become used to. Definitely not a margarita type place, and we don't recall it as having beer, either (forgot to look!). For us westside 'hounds, it was worth the trip crosstown for the flavor of the regional machaca. We'll be back

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          1. re: Twofer

            Here's the address for Badiraguato:

            3070 Firestone Blvd., South Gate; (323) 563-3450.

            And a link to Jonathan Gold's Counter Intelligence article about the place. The review says there's no alcohol.


            1. re: Twofer

              Tried Badiraguato yesterday. We didn't have enough room to try the machaca but we did try the gorditas, the shrimp cocktail and the tacos with "papas" and shredded beef. Everything was excellent. The tacos were outstanding (just the way mom used to make them). They were small (3 to an order), the tortillas were very thin and crisp, they were topped with Mexican crema and queso cotija just the way you get them in Mexico. They served a cup of caldo (broth) with them and this broth was very, very tasty. They have different bottles of chili sauce on each table but the owner, Lupe, offered us some "HOT" chili in a yellow plastic squirt bottle. This chili was excellent. The gorditas were small, 4 to an order. We got the pollo gorditas. The chicken was moist, tasty and tender. These too were covered with the Mexican crema and some thin guacamole. Very good, especially with the hot chili. They don't serve menudo regularly but Lupe said she was making some "white" menudo for this morning. We can't go back as much as we would like to but she told us to call her and she would let us know when she will make it again. This was the added personal touch that made the trek even that much more enjoyable. Thanks for the hot tip!!!!

            2. Try El Sinaloense or Gumacus, both are in Southgate for some of the best machaca sinaloense in town.Both places have great food, you can't go wrong with either.

              I would specifically look for Sinaloan or Sonoran places for machaca.The Sonoran version hasn't reared it's head, but I'm always looking.