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Apr 27, 2008 09:05 PM

Gran Gusto: Great, and Now Open Sundays

Had an excellent dinner at Gran Gusto tonight. Not surprising, I know, but figured I'd add my approval. The Arugula pizza with prosciutto was great, though a bit more cheese would have rounded out the bitterness of the arugula better. And the pappardelle with sausage and mushrooms was also quite good.

Very reasonable prices for the quality. Especially the wines by the glass, which are really served in quartinos. More wine for the money is always nice.

I spoke with the owner as well. He said this was the first Sunday that they were open. Not sure if he meant ever or just this spring. But either way, I figured I'd spread the word, since the place was totally empty. We were the only ones there by 9pm. I would hate to see such a great place falter.

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  1. We had a great meal there on Friday night. Wow, our order was identical to yours. I really wanted that arugula pizza, which is what I ordered, but they messed up my order and brought me the artichoke and olive pizza.(ok but I found the olives to overwhelm the other flavors) I took it anyway since they were packed and the waiter apologized profusely and gave us some free extra drinks. I was having the house Barbera by the glass and he gave me quite a generous pour on the second glass.

    Mr. had the pappardelle with sausage and mushroom. He loved it and the little bite I stole from his plate was delicious. The pappardelle was really nice. Thinner than what I am used to which gave it a delicateness that I enjoyed. Still cooked perfectly al dente.

    This was our second time there and I will certainly be back despite the mix-up in my order.

    1. Thanks for the update! This is great news. I always find myself craving a meal here on a Sunday.

      1. I've been hoping for this news flash! I often have dinner with my folks on Sunday evenings, and North Cambridge is a midpoint between our two towns. I've been dying to try Gran Gusto since it opened. Any other menu suggestions besides the margherita pizza, which I will definitely order?

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          I love their grilled calamari appetizer, light and lemony with a nice char. I've also had excellent luck with their fresh cheese special starters.

          This open-on-Sundays thing is great news indeed.