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Apr 27, 2008 08:44 PM

Galapagos/Ecuadorian soup.. help!

I've recently come back from a trip to Isla Isabela in the Galapagos. I am trying to find the name/recipe of one soup I had there. I had it two or three times but never was told the name. It was served before the main lunch, and consisted of shrimp & corn cob in either a light greenish or cream colored broth. It was very simple, no other vegetables floating in the broth. It was more like a light chowder. Sometimes they put in chunks of their white soft cheese. The closest thing I could find was "Chupe de mariscos," but I could only find information about this being a Peruvian dish. Is it the same thing? Does anyone have an authentic recipe? I would love to make this for my Spanish class.

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  1. I forgot to mention that oen time it was served with plantain chips. It also might have had potatoes in it. Help!

    1. The Ortiz book on Latin American cooking has a recipe for 'Chupe de Camarones', translated as Shrimp Stew (but placed in the soups section). Her particular recipe is Peruvian, but 'Peru, Ecuador, and Chile all have magnificent chupes'.

      She also has a 'chupe de corvina y camarones' (corvina is the local striped bass, which you probably had a number of times).

      dredge and lightly brown the fish fillets
      make a broth from the shrimp shells
      sautee onions (with paprika or anato colored oil)
      simmer potatoes in broth till tender
      add cheese; fold in fish and shrimp
      optionally add a bit of milk

      The use of corn could have been the cook's choice, based on what was available. It sounds like a typical Ecuadorian soup, whether they identify as anything special, or throught of it as a shrimp soup.

      Emeril's version may have been adapted from this book;

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        Laylita now has an Ecuadorian fish soup, biche de pescado, on her blog. This version has distinctive peanut flavor. It includes corn on the cob, but also starches like yuca and plantanos.