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Apr 27, 2008 08:15 PM

Sunday Brunch in Miami-Dade?

All suggestions are encouraged, but I'm particularly interested in affordable buffet-style Sunday Brunch especially with the coming of Mother's Day. Mention a la carte or buffet with your recommendations.

Here are other good suggestions on places to have a brunch, in another thread, although most are not really affordable:

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    1. re: mikek

      Biltmore Hotel Brunch is off the chain, even on a regular Sunday. Affordable? Think it is 50-75 bucks a person, but never mind, tried OpenTable and it is booked. Maybe try calling them if that interests you.

      1. re: jmdhsmiami

        Biltmore Brunch is absolutely amazing but books up for Mothers Day months in advance. Even regular weekends you have to plan in advance. But try it worth it!

    2. What's your definition of affordable? Talula's Sunday brunch is $30 with buffet service (lots of items - traditional breakfast stuff, pastry type items, plus house-smoked salmon, several salad-type things, a few hot savory items, etc.) plus several a la carte egg dishes included too.

      I've not been for brunch, but Maison d'Azur has a nice looking a la carte brunch menu with most items running around the $15 range. A "croque-moi" with truffled duck egg, gruyere and duck prosciutto is calling out to me.

      Brosia in the DD has a brunch menu, a la carte, with prices around the $10-15 range (not a very "breakfast-y" brunch menu though

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      1. re: Frodnesor

        I walked by Nemo today (never knew where it was until I walked by it) and asked for the brunch prices, and they said it's $34. $49 for Champagne Brunch on Mother's Day. Thought that might interest some people since I've heard reports from here in Chowhound that it's the best brunch in Miami.

        Frod, excellent suggestions. Maison d'Azur's brunch intrigues me as well. The truffled duck egg has a nice ring and sounds delicious with the greyer and duck proscuitto! That sounds much more gourmet than what I may expect out of Nemo or Talula - a big plus! So far, for a buffet-style brunch, I have to debate between Talula and Nemo (as I don't really know where else to look).

        Embarrassingly, I haven't had a Sunday Brunch anywhere in Miami yet other than at Deli Lane and Greenstreet (and I'm definitely looking for a step-up even though I know the prices will go up as well). But I'm looking forward to it!

        And normally, affordable to me is $30 and under. But I'm counting Nemo since I guess $4 more can't really hurt, especially if it's going to be a gift for a mother!

        1. re: mialebven

          I haven't been to Nemo in ages so can't say anything about their brunch. Talua's is pretty darn gourmet, I'd say - my earlier description probably doesn't do it justice, but I've been a few times and always enjoy it.

          I suspect many places may be jacking up their prices for Mothers' Day.

          1. re: Frodnesor

            Definitely is important to check Mother's Day prices. Maison D'Azur is probably a great choice. As for Nemo, I went last year and it was pretty darn good and had some fairly interesting plates. If you like your sweets however, they have a huge spread of them but I did not have any that were good.

            Regarding the Biltmore- I believe their prices have gone up quite a bit. I used to prefer the brunch in the Coconut Grove Ritz. they had less food but the quality was much higher. Excellent lamb chops, shrimp coctail and crab legs, extensive desserts, a la cart eggs, waffles, and a "seasonal" station. that had really good food every time I went. If anyone has a special price for Mother's Day it will be those two

          2. re: mialebven

            One of my favorites is Nemo's. I think the quality is great and pretty affordable. Another affordable option is Nikki Beach.

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          1. Ref the Ritz in Coconut Grove; we were there for Easter Sun and it ROCKED; tons of food, great service, live music, champagne,etc; i believe it was around $60 per person; they had it in the grand ballroom to accomodate the crowds and you reserved for a "seating" rather than a time; a little stiff in the wallet, but well worth it; the waiter said they were having the same setup for mom's day; i would recommend it highly (if you're looking for that caliber) -

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            1. re: massi522

              How were the desserts? They went from great the first time, to mediocre to slightly better each time afterwards but never as good as my first time there.

            2. The Four Seasons on Brickell is awesome for a buffet brunch. They also have a champagne/mimosa bar that is great.