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Apr 27, 2008 08:11 PM

Review of Elizabeth--new restaurant in Soho

We just tried the new restaurant on Elizabeth street in soho--chef from Country, gorgeous spot, lots of buzz. I'm hoping it's just first-week jitters that made our experience with both the service and the food barely mediocre. I'm sad to say the meal was far less than great, despite the pricey check (and we left hungry).

You should know going in it's share plates, with very small portions (smaller than most tapas places). Still, some of the dishes were definitely worth it. The place is touting its cocktails. I had a tangy citrusy cocktail that was pretty delicious. The wine list is very limited (a pinot grigio and sauvingon blanc were the only whites on the menu), and there are a few beers.

The lamb was our best dish, four small morsels of medium-rare lamb with chickpeas and a tangy tzatziki. It was delicious and worth the price. The burger was mediocre, the fries were soft, and the chicken was on the dry side. The shrimp, too, was okay, and the shaved salad fresh and tasty. We waited forever for the food and for our drinks to come though. I don't mean to be debbie downer but when you're paying over fifty dollars a head, plus tax and tip, and the food is soso, takes forever to come and you leave hungry, it's kind of a letdown.

Anyone else been?

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  1. I tried it on Friday and had a somewhat different experience. I agree that the portions are small but I didn't not think they were outlandishly so given the quality. I would not go with people with large appetites (my group of three filled up nicely on 6 dishes). The waiter informed us that the wines available were extremely limited for the time being but that it was only a function of the opening and that it would grow significantly. He also said they would be expanding the cocktail selection, although I thought what they had was good (I tried something with tequila and agave nectar).

    Of the dishes mentioned above the only one I tried was the lamb, which I agree was very good. In addition to that, I particularly liked the watercress risotto and the steak tartare. The scallops were nicely cooked but not particularly memorable and I thought the watermelon salad was a bit bland (can't remember the last dish we tried). The service was a bit slow but considering how full they were and how recently they had opened (about one hour as of when I went) I thought it was perfectly fine.

    Overall, I thought the space is great and the food was well above average. Will definitely be returning when I'm in the neighborhood.

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      Like all new restaurants, there are kinks to be worked out and I think they've ironed them out at Elizabeth. I had a great meal there.

      My favorite dish was also the lamb, but the crispy cheeseburger is also genius! A flat disk of crispy cheese in the burger makes you wonder why no one has thought of this earlier. I also had the watermelon salad which was nice and light. The chocolate pudding for dessert has a nice and creamy texture for those who are pudd'in fanatics.

      The place is packed. Great lighting with a good looking crowd. The service is a bit tentative, but that's expected as it's only the second week open.

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