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Apr 27, 2008 08:04 PM

Amada or Tinto Tasting Menu?

I am looking to go to either Amada or Tinto for a bday dinner for the tasting menu. I have been to Amada before and enjoyed it alot. Is Tinto on par as far as the food goes? I don't drink so I don't really want to go for the wine. And are the tasting menus just dishes taken from the regular menu?

I am looking for a tasting menu around the price of one of these if anyone has any other recs in the city.


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  1. I have been to both but I have not had the tasting menu at either. I have heard that the tasting menus are made up from items off of the regular menu, which if that is true, is not a true tasting menu in my opinion.

    As for the food at both, Tinto was very good, but I think we prefer Amada just slightly. And I don't know if this will make a difference to you, but the seats at Tinto are high stools as opposed to "regular" tables at Amada.

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      The tasting menu is just items off the regular menu, don't bother with it. Just order whatever looks good to you. Tinto has more seafood on the menu than Amada, so if you have strong feelings about seafood one way or the other that may influence your decision slightly.

    2. Both are excellent, but I think Amada is a little more fun in terms of the atmosphere. Although the tasting menu is taken from the menu, it is sized according to the number in your party, rather than whatever standard size the dish is. I really enjoy the pace of it, as well as not having to make decisions about what to order.

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        I have done both tasting menu's and I have to give the edge to Amada. First off, I like the atmosphere at Amada a lot better and I don't like the high bar-type chairs at Tinto. Food is very close but again I'd give the slight edge to Amada. Can't go wrong with either actually though.

        1. re: Schpsychman

          I've also had the tasting menu at both places and the food was delicious. I agree with every one above that the atmosphere is a little bit better at Amada. I hate those high bar tables at Tinto but it felt a bit more intimate since so much smaller.

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            I think that Tinto now has normal tables and chairs, in the expansion that recently opened.

            1. re: Buckethead

              It does, they still have the bar stool tables but most tables are now with normal chairs.

      2. Hey all...I've been to both, haven't tried the tasting. I did the restaurant week menu for Amada and off the menu for Tinto, I think I liked Amada better but they were both very good.

        I wanted to remind folks that Tinto is expanding, or perhaps has expanded, so that they have more seating beyond the stools upstairs and the booths downstairs...the bigger dining area may be open perhaps check that before deciding based on seating.


        1. Good to know. Although the food was good at Tinto...I really hated the chairs!

          1. just to add on here - we were at amada last week. food was great. went with the dessert tasting menu - not sure that it was called that, but it was something along those lines.
            2 of us at the table, and it's $5/person.
            they gave us... 2 desserts, randomly chosen.
            now, i have to admit, i ordered this largely out of dessert greed, and thinking that since we were the last people eating (there were still people at the bar), they were going to unload all sorts of leftovers on us.
            but the dessert menu includes dessert combos along with various flavors of ice cream, some cookies i think, etc - and i was thinking that we'd get some sort of assortment. but instead we got two of the dessert combos.
            so, the good: both were tasty, and it wound up cheaper this way. definitely the way to go if everyone at your table likes all the desserts equally.
            the less good: it wasn't really a tasting menu, just a random choice of desserts.