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Apr 27, 2008 07:59 PM

Dining recommendations for a (short) layover at Newark Liberty?

I'm flying to Maine this July on Continental visiting family and have an hour and a half layover at Newark. I would like to take the opportunity to try some good Jersey food. I'm thinking hot dogs, but I'm game for anything else you could recommend. I know airport food is generally pretty bad, but there's got to be some places checking out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. With only an hour and a half layover you really dont have much choice, you have to stay in the airport. But do not despair. Continental has been branching out to Terminal A, but most of the flights are still in Terminal C and post security. If you are looking for hot dogs there is definitely a Nathans there, there is ALSO a Gallaghers Steak House which is really quite good. (but a lot more pricey than a hot dog joint is going to cost you).

    There is a Garden State Diner as well post security, and there isnt anything that says Jersey like a diner.

    But the fact is, you arent going to get a taste of Jersey at the airport.

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      Thanks for the reply. I was expecting as much - when I think of all the times I used to drive to Maine along the Jersey Turnpike, I could kick myself for not pulling off of the 'pike for some good food. ARRRGGGHHH!!!
      I will check out the Garden State Diner, though.

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        You do not mention the actual day or time your flight arrives into Newark Liberty, which has bearing on the following three possibilities I will suggest. All places are in Elizabeth and mentioned by many for nostalgic reasons......but the food is simple and of good quality.

        If you exit your flight and and hail a taxi promptly, I do believe you could go to any of the three places, as they are all only a couple of miles from the airport. You could definitely do Tommy's and DiCosmo's. Call Tommy's for a take-out and proceed directly to DiCosmo's, since it will be July and there may be a line ..........I would suggest you pay the taxi to stay with you to insure you have a ride back to the terminal. Also, at DiCosmo's, they do not always have lids for their containers, so you may want to bring a coffee travel mug or insulated soup container with you. Believe it or not, this may be practical as well as preferred, as the ice tastes better when it melts or softens a bit. You may consider purchasing the ice first and then picking up the Italian Hot Dogs afterward.....get back to the terminal and enjoy both more leisurely at the gate or on the plane.

        You could also do take-out at Spirito's as well if it fits into your schedule. Check for the time they open, I do not believe they are open for lunch.

        Tommy's Italian Sausage & Hot Dogs
        900 2nd Ave
        Elizabeth, NJ 07201
        (908) 351-9831‎


        On Chowhound, refer to (hotdoglover) for the definitive review...probably on Roadfood as well.

        Spirito's Restaurant
        714 3rd Ave
        Elizabeth, NJ 07202
        (908) 351-5414‎



        Spirito's is known for their Veal Cutlets and Raviolis and has been around for 70 years. If you watch Top Chef, it's Tom Collichio's childhood family haunt before he became a celebrity chef.......and last, down the block around the corner is....

        Fourth Avenue and High Street





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          Don't risk leaving the airport. The TSA lines at EWR are horrendous. I fly in and out of EWR at least once a week. No matter what day, if you only have 1.5 hours, do not leave the airport and if you do not have Continental Elite line access to re-clear security, you're a goner.