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Apr 27, 2008 07:42 PM

"kappabashi" knife shop

need a bit of help.... did some shopping in kappabashi but ended up getting most of my gear from a shop on a side street JUST off of kappabashi-dori that had 3 shops right next to or across the street from each other. it was by a corner with an amazing coffee paraphenalia store.

the shop was "kappabashi ... something" and i got a card from them with an email address, but now... no card! can anyone help me figure out their full name, a website or an email?? i need to get some things from them and wasn't careful enough to keep the card safe.

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  1. I think the store in question is called Union Commerce. The corner store (the main HQ) carries all kinds of coffee and tea related gadgets. The store next to it carries array of knives. Every time I visit Tokyo I make sure to stop by at the Kappabashi Street. The knife shop is my favorite. The company website is:

    It says to e-mail your inquiry. I hope this is the one you're looking for...good luck!

    1. Hey pinstripeprincess-san,

      Agree with KuCake that it sounds like Union Commerce. Did it have a suit of armor out front?

      During my 7 years in Tokyo, I purchased all of my knives from them. And, when I was leaving Tokyo to embark on a culinary career, I totally stocked up on Japanese steel from their shop. (Global-Pro, MAC, etc.)

      You have email address, and I've pulled out one of the THREE business cards from them that I carry around in my wallet. Phone number is 011-81-3-3845-4040. If you have questions, the owners do speak English.


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        Is the consensus that Union Commerce is the best? I recently put a few chips in my Kyocera ceramic and I need to head back and get something new. I'm going back to steel this time... oops!

        1. re: AndyP

          Upon my visit to the district of Kappabashi in Tokyo, I visited Union Commerce as well. I purchased an amazing Japanese knife that had been folded too many times to count and was as thin and light as paper. The owner personally inscribed my name into the knife in Katakana. I would most def. go back there again to purchase a knife.

        2. thank you all, that was amazing!

          it was indeed union commerce. i finally found a second pile of receipts and lo and behold three of them had "union commerce" splashed all over them.

          just from my few wandering experiences in kappabashi, i really loved their attentive and helpful service with absolutely wonderful suggestions. it certainly helped that they took credit card since i lost my debit card! i noted that except for the store right across that took cash only, they were the best deal on kyoceras.

          i got a beautiful 30+ damascus knife and wanted something to replace my chef's knife and was suggested an awesome $6700Y knife that was light, had a few folds, but no full tang. still very well balanced and works amazingly, it's handling is almost preferred to my damascus and i wouldn't have considered it at all if the clerk hadn't showed it to me.

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          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            Hey pinstripeprincess, did you ship your knife back or check in it with your luggage? I didn't buy any knives when I was there a few weeks ago because I was going to stop over in Australia which has a rather strict customs.

            1. re: Wandering Foodie

              i packed it into my checked luggage and had no issues.... in the end we were carrying about 11 knives (mostly kyoceras for gifts).

          2. has anyone ever communicated with union commerce via email? i've emailed twice with NO response..... i'd rather not call because of the awkward time difference... but if it's gotta be done...

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              Hi pinstripeprincess,

              Upon my return to the U.S.A., I emailed Union Commerce regarding purchasing another knife to be shipped response. Called, and found out that they most adamantly will not ship knives to the U.S.

              I don't know that this was the subject of your inquiry, but this was thier policy as of 2 years ago.


              1. re: AndyP

                i was hoping to get a knife rack and in person they seemed to not have any issue with this. they actually told me that they hoped i would keep up a relationship with them and order knives through them.... i shall have to call.

                thanks for the update though. perhaps it's just a breakdown in communication lines.

            2. I recall reading there is a culinary district in tokyo /osaka that sells kitchen stuff. I can't recall where.... does anyone know?

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              1. re: giraffez

                The district in Tokyo is called Kappabashi.

                  1. re: giraffez

                    I would suggest doing a simple search on the internet--you'll be able to find all the info you could possibly need or want. Just enter kappabashi, and the very first link will not only give you a great list of highlights, but directions on how to get there.

                    You might also want to pick up a Japanese-English dictionary to help you with the translations for things like "lean meat" etc. You never know when and what you might need to say, so a dictionary would come in handy.

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                      A google search of "kappabashi" brings up Robb S's site :

                      Pics and directions

                      1. re: lost squirrel

                        And that article was written by our very own Yukari.

                        1. re: lost squirrel

                          Thanks great directions.

                          I have brought the JR pass and was wondering whether this is walkable from Ueno or Asakusa? If so how long of a walk?

                          1. re: giraffez

                            Don't know about Ueno, but I think it's doable from Asakusa station. I distinctly remember seeing signs stating that it was 480meters away. Easy walking distance

                            1. re: giraffez

                              If not, would the Y160 or so for train fare really kill your budget?

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                                Side note, anyone know a good shop in the Kappabashi area for pots/pans?