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Apr 27, 2008 07:38 PM


For some strange reason, I find that eating sliders to be a different food experience than eating normal sized burgers. Perhaps it has something to do with the ratio of ingredients, but I find myself craving sliders, rather than normal sized burgers. (Maybe eating them makes me fell like a giant!!!!).


Alonso's has good sliders, as does J.Pauls at the Inner Harbor.

Bill Bateman's sliders are pretty good. Cheesecake Factory has 'em as well, but I would not make a specail trip (for sliders or anything else, really).

Any other places in Baltimore with especially good sliders?

Also, please comment if (or why) you think sliders are a very different culinary experience than average sized burgers.

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  1. I have one to add: Restaurant Rouge in D.C. on 16th St. (part of the Hotel Rouge) really good sliders with all the fixings + shoestring fries. Perfect for a post work happy hour feast! Try it!!

    1. In DC of course there are the mini-burgers at Matchbox that are very popular. Near my office I will partake in the mini-cheese burgers at Ugly Mug every once in awhile. They serve them with onion straw...which I'm not a fan of, so I pay the extra buck or so and get french fries. I like that they serve them with a single pickle as well. (Although Matchbox is coming to the Eastern Market neighborhood soon so I imagine there will be competition).

      The Diner reinvited their menu about a year or so ago and added a bunch of stuff, including some pretty good sliders/mini-burgers.

      And of course for something a little different I LOVE the tuna tartar sliders at PS7. The parker house roll its served on is icing on the cake.

      I hear the sliders at Charlie Palmer's Steakhouse are really good. Anyone try them?

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        Also, in Arlington, Eat Bar (connected to Tallula Restaurant) has excellent mini burgers. They have a truffle flavor in them that is delicious!

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          Agreed about the tuna tartar sliders. They're amazing.

          I have always loved the Matchbox ones, especially the way the onion ring grease soaks in and makes them extra naughty. Oh, my.

          We also recently discovered the ones at The Source's bar. They are amazing. Not sure whether they benefit much from being kobe, since from my understanding, most of the benefit of kobe is the texture, and you lose that when it is ground. But, the burgers are still exceptional, as are the fries.

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            Sorry these are all DC/NOVA:

            The Charlie Palmer sliders are excellent, and their fries were really good too. It may be the quality of the meat. I haven't had them in a while, but keep wanting to do a Matchbox taste test comparison. As I like Matchbox more than Tallula/Eat Bar, although I think Eat Bar has the best full size burger in the DC metro area (I know people have lots of other favorites and those are good this is just my personal fav) there is a tangy taste is their full size burger that doesn't translate to the slider, for some reason their slider just doesn't do it for me.

            The Matchbox ones are preferable to a real burger for me because they aren't over cooked for a slider. You get a perfect couple bites with one pickle on the bottom it isn't overwhelming pickle, and you get the shoe string fries and cheese all in a bite and it is just satisfying, and then you can eat pizza too, which is the real reason it is preferable to a real hamburger. Their sliders remind me of a Cheeburger Cheeburger burger in a good way. They just have a mix of really good flavors.

            Eleventh St. Lounge has BBQ sliders which I think are preferable to the large sandwich because they don't get the bun soggy, and it is a good ration in each bite of meat, coleslaw, bread.

            Now I am going to have to try the ones at Rouge.

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              Btw, the single pickle is on each burger. Not an entire pickle. Good place to stop by before a National's game. Eat at the bar though because table service is practically non-existent in a bizare way.

            2. "Don't know" which is a bar/ restaurant on Light St. in Fedeeral hill does a bunch of different kind of sliders including Kobe beef, lamb, tuna, venison. I've only had the Kobe which was very tasty!

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                I had sliders at Mustang Alley's, but was a bit too drunk to remember if they were worthy of return. Alexander's Tavern in Fells Point has decent sliders.

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                  I'm obsessed with sliders and second Don't Know. Very good Kobe and lamb sliders, the duck breast ones were disappointing. Haven't tried the others yet... soon.

                2. Salt Tavern has a savory slider with foie gras...still on the menu? It's pricey I think $15 for one. Vin in Towson also has sliders, this place is hit or miss for meals, but the sliders are on the happy hour menu and $5 for 3 with a glass of wine on their outdoor patio is a great way to unwind during the week. Is Little Tavern still open? Sorry not more up-to-date but they had some (as the name suggests) little burgers.

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                    The last remaining Little Tavern is the one on Holabird Avenue near Broening Highway, and it may be in peril (the propery apparently has a new owner).

                    There was an article in yesterday's Baltimore Sun about it (I think it may require registration):


                    1. re: Hal Laurent

                      It appears that the last Little Tavern has closed (as of yesterday afternoon).

                      1. re: Hal Laurent

                        Wish I would have made more of an effort to get back there. :( Looks like they are trying to keep the name alive so I'll keep eyes and ears open

                  2. I love sliders! I've loved them ever since I was little, growing up in NJ, and my dad would take me to White Castle as a special treat.

                    For a slightly more economical experience than some of the ones listed here, Ledo Pizza of all places has them, as does Silver Diner. But White Castle... or down South, Krystal... those are really the best.

                    They are a different experience than a larger burger, I agree. Maybe it is the "giant" thing - I have the same experience with broccoli - "I'm a giant, eating trees!" Or maybe it's the cute factor. Or maybe it's that it doesn't feel like you're being so bad by eating a whole "big" burger. Plus, I think the balance of flavors can really be different. The meat is usually a little more tender than a larger burger, and the different ratio of the flavors of the condiments and dressings to the meat and bread can really make a difference.

                    Also, I've noticed that the bread on the mini-burgers tends to be...sweeter, maybe? At least, it tastes that way to me. Finally, I believe that some places steam their sliders, not just fry the meat - that can make a real difference in texture.

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                      Hard Times Cafe serves decent sliders. And I think they're half price during happy hour.