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Apr 27, 2008 07:33 PM

Anybody have an opinion of the most romantic restaurant in Sydney?

It's been twenty years since I have been to Sydney. What's the most romantic restaurant there now?

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    1. re: kmh

      Hi KMH,

      What floats my boat? Atmosphere, low lights and candles...Water, music, great food and great service.....Did I miss something?And great company.

        1. re: kmh

          Any type of food except Ethiopian and budget? Not my concern.

          1. re: Heidi Ho

            LOL! I like you're attitude re the budget.

            Ok, hard to narrow it down b/c I think it depends on so many things.

            Lotus in potts point is dimly lit, beautiful room, service etc., to boot and a favourite amongst some posters on these boards.
            for waterfront seafood dining pier would be hard to go past...

            I like Longrain - hardly white table cloth romantic, but it's got a great cocktail bar with lounges, dimly lit and great food. It's communal tables but for me, that adds to the intimacy of the evening.

            Flying Fish (mentioned already) is nice

            Otto on Finger Wharf at Woolloomoolloo is great food, great service, on the water with the city, harbour bridge and harbour for background.

            Likewise if you want to be looking at the sails of the opera house, head to aria.

            1. re: kmh

              Great! Thanks for the 411....I will pencil it in my book for future reference!

        2. re: Heidi Ho

          Guillaume at Bennelong is also another to consider. Top class, elegant restaurant under the sails of the Opera House, with views of the water of course. Food is superb (yeah yeah so he lost a Hat this year .... he's down to ONLY two now!), service is impeccable. Naturally a splendid wine list too. Stroll down after to the Opera Bar for a shift in mood and music and enjoy even more spectacular views of the harbour whilst getting boozy on the yummy cocktails they do there. Can't really get a better Sydney food-n-drink night out than that in my opinion.

      1. I haven't eaten at a ton of places in Sydney yet (being new here) but I did get taken to Flying Fish in Pyrmont and thought it was stupendous. Atmosphere, service, food, and view. Go early and have a drink in their bar area. ...And bring a suitcase of money... :)

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        1. re: Sonia Desai

          I always carry my suitcase on money with me. hahahahaha....

        2. Flying Fish, Otto and Longrain are all very big flashy restaurants - not what I'd consider romantic. If you're after a small, intimate romantic restaurant I'd go for:

          * Assiette - Surry Hills
          * Buzo - Woollahra
          * Tabou - Surry Hills
          * Oscillate Wildly - Newtown
          * Bistrode - Surry Hills

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          1. re: MaestroSid

            Flashy? upmarket yes, flashy, i don't think so.

            It really depends on what your opinion of romantic is doesn't it?
            IMHO Oscillate Wildly is overated.

            I did think of somewhere i missed - Restaurant Balzac in randwick.

            1. re: kmh

              Yeah, Restaurant Balzac is superb - good inclusion. My other favourite at the moment is A Tavola in Darlinghurst, which I think has a nice romantic feel about it, but it IS a communal table so you'll be sitting alongside other diners (as you would be at Longrain).

              Any I suppose by "flashy" I just meant that Otto, Longrain and Flying Fish are big, boisterous and still quite sceney places. Great restaurants, but not what I'd call romantic. I tend to regard cosy restaurants as the most romantic.

              1. re: MaestroSid

                apperitif just sprang to mind. I haven't been their recently but its cosy, decorated with a flourish, good wine and food from charcuterie and sharing plates to full blown mains. and... it's french.

                I know what you mean about the big and boisterous. I recently ate at Otto and thought that it was up to the diner as to what they wanted. Service is excellent, tables are well spaced, the food has lots going for it, and in the evening the shimmering reflects off the water.
                Flying fish wouldn't be the top of my list, but it's hardly boisterous. it's big, but owing to the segregated areas it's not a vacuous space.
                As for longrain, it's not stereotypically romantic, but i still like it for a "date" especially on a week night.

          2. Milsons in Kirribilli has great food, it's low lit, very good acoustics, so you cannot hear what teh next table is saying, and the service is great

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            1. re: sandra in australia

              Marque on Crown Street in Surry Hills for a small, intimate dining experience with seriously good food. No views - that's not what this place is about. But it's as good as two+ Michelin starred places we've eaten in Paris and less than half the price.

              Tetsuyas, if you can get in, is a religious experience. Beautiful venue, sublime food.

              Never been, but heard great things about Becasse.

              Less pricey but also with really good food, stylish decor and nice views to the Glebe Island (now called Anzac) Bridge is The Boathouse at Blackwattle Bay. Slight more casual, but still very nice, is The Wharf restaurant which has views to the Harbour Bridge.

              I think Otto is overpriced and over rated - but I wouldn't say no if someone else was paying. Same for Guillaume at Bennelong (though its in a different league to Otto).

              1. re: DexterDog

                Agree with Becasse. It has very good French food - 2/3 star Michelin level cooking at Sydney prices - a relative bargain. It is also very, very glamorous.

                1. re: PhilD

                  Pilu on Freshwater beach. In a renovated house overlooking the beach - what could be more romantic especially as not being in the centre of the city.. and 2 chefs hats.
                  Exquisitely presented and often adventurous Sardinian food, extensive wine list.. Did I mention the low lights, candles, waves crashing on the beach..

                  God, I miss Sydney!!

                2. re: DexterDog

                  Tet's is sublime and I became more spiritually aware after dining there.. ; )
                  I find Lord Nelson's in the rocks to have the same transcendent reality...but it all comes down to the one your with and with that, you don't need a restaurant!

              2. good points brought up re what consitutes a "romantic" night out. for some, it's the atmosphere, stunning views, the feel of being somewhere exotic and special, for others, it's the quiet, intimate hole-in-the-wall where the universe can be contained in a wine glass. it's always a difficult question to answer.

                most of the above posts have excellent suggestions, I don't have much to add to their lists except possibly sean's at bondi or bistrode in the city.

                liquidity at white bay had a gorgeous city view, but they closed week before last.

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                1. re: fooftales

                  Longgrain in Sydney has amazing Asian food! Trendy, beautiful and hip.