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Apr 27, 2008 07:27 PM

Sides to go with seared Ahi

Hi, I am looking for some sides to make with seared Ahi. My sister, who knows how to cook NOTHING, swears she learned how to cook some fabulous seared ahi. She is coming out to visit and wants us to make it for my mom. I am the big cook but I have never made seared I am a little worried since I won't be sure how to fix something if it goes wrong. But, I must have faith!!! Anyone have any great ideas for sides that we can make along with this meal? Thank you in advance.

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  1. I would do some Risotto with peas and a spring salad with a light vinaigrette dressing.

    1. I usually make an Asian slaw as I usually do my seared Ahi Asian style. The one time I didn't prepare it this way, I made a fresh corn and red pepper salad.

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        I also like an Asian slaw or mixed greens as a side to an austere piece of seared tuna.

      2. Without knowing what style she is going for, I'll just hazard some guesses:
        plain rice, rice vermicelli (with a sesame oil dressing), niçoise salad (minus the tuna), warm steamed kabocha squash (with a soy-based dressing).

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 is going to be Asian-ish...she mentioned sesame oil and soy sauce...any ideas for the Ahi are appreciated as well!

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            OK then...a few posters already mentioned an Asian-slaw, etc. Some more ideas:
            -gomae (spinach and sesame sauce).
            -A cold noodle dish (sesame/chili oil/soy based sauce)
            -Asian niçoise-ish salad (eg, quail eggs, long bean, ume, miso-vinaigrette, fingerling potatos, etc)

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              Just made seared Ahi tonight. Shortcut way was to marinate in some Lawry's Terryaki Marinade, then dipped the ahi in a mix of toasted and raw sesame seeds, then seared.

          2. ditto on the Asian slaw
            cucumber relish with thin sliced cukes, sesame oil, red pepper flakes, green onions, soy sauce, red pepper strips
            serve with jasmine rice in a lettuce cup topped with wasabi drizzle and black sesame seeds
            Asian noodle salad - barefoot contessa has a good one
            vegetable fried rice
            California rolls - easy to make yourself


            1. i'm not sure if this qualifies as a side.....but this stuff is so good, and would be filling enough in case the ahi flops.

              Wasabi 3-Bean Salad