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Apr 27, 2008 07:13 PM

Mangosteen in SD

Does anyone know if/where you can get fresh mangosteen in SD? They are finally legal to be imported. An article in the NYT said Frida's now is distributing them but I've not seen them here. They said they may also be in Asian markets, but I didn't see any at 99 ranch. I've heard they are unbelievably good.

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  1. Have you tried Nijiya or Mitsuwa? They both have good produce selections.

    1. Since they're a tropical fruit, I'd check the produce sections of Vietnamese and Filipino markets. There are three on Mira Mesa Blvd., although I'm not sure about the names. One is in the strip mall on Camino Ruiz/Mira Mesa (it's Vietnamese and housed in a building that used to be a movie theater... it's unchanged, marquee and all), and the other two (one is Seafood City and the other might be Lucky Seafood) are on or very close to the Black Mountain Road/Mira Mesa intersection.

      1. They don't seem to have hit L.A. yet so probably not San Diego either.

        1. I bought some at a Lao store in Escondido last fall. They were out right after the dragonfruit, which I'd only been able to buy twice before in SD. I asked the owner about 2 months ago when there might be more. He just told me they were out of season. They still have bags of fresh-frozen mangosteens.
          The fresh mangosteens were delicious!

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            Thanks! I'll look around closer to fall again.

          2. I dunno if it was someone on CH who emailed me - but I saw Fresh Mangosteen($6.99/lb) at Lucky Seafood:

            Lucky Seafood Supermarket
            9326 Mira Mesa Blvd
            San Diego, CA 92126